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  1. I hope your wrong but that does tend to be standard nowadays...
  2. Well, I made a gameranger account and if anyone is up for some team deathmatch, my name on there is Warlord and I'll be happy to kick some ass! If anyone hosts or can host a dedicated server that would be even more awesome (I personally can't unfortunately)
  3. So here we are, it's almost 2012 and well over 10 years since the original Ghost Recon was released and I for one am still playing it. Currently I am only playing the single player as I have no-one to play with but I would like to get into some multiplayer action so if there are any players still out there, let me know! Oh and answer the poll anyway lol.
  4. Back in the days of OGR here's something that I used to do quite a bit: It would be in the middle of the night and my girlfriend would try to get up to go to the bathroom I would push her back down because, according to my gf, I would tell her in my sleep she didn't need to go there as I had already placed a sensor there.
  5. You'd think with this many shout-outs here alone leading up to a release they'd wise up and give us what we actually want... I mean, what everyone is posting is freaking hard not to understand...
  6. Who cares about etherical questions like "what is OGR"? No-one. Simple 6 step program of what needs to be done: 1. Take Ghost Recon, Desert Siege and Island Thunder. 2. Update the graphics. 3. Fix all the glitches and bugs. 4. Add a decent game lobby system (###### NOT GAMESPY!) (4.5 Optional: Add an easier to use map editor) 5. Merge them into a single install. 6. Slap it on a single DVD. That is really it people. Sure other things could be added but that's really just gravy.
  7. I don't think invisibility has any business in a serious military style FPS.
  8. A week or two ago, I bought Homefront for PS3... and god, what a mistake that was... all the same old mistakes every developer seems to make nowadays and with the added bonus of a few new ones and absolutely no support... Even the freakin auto-save doesn't work properly... Epic fail @ THQ...
  9. Oh god no, I've got HF for PS3 and my god is it a fail in it's current state... the singleplayer is boring and short and totally worthless... the multiplayer is all right but it has a lot of weird glitches in it. Even though I bought it with a pretty good discount I still feel sorta ripped off.
  10. You know, I also like a lot of customization in my games and I thought it would perhaps be cool if you could do your own color scheme for the camouflage. Would be kinda cool to have as a unique identifier for your clan if you could then proceed to share it. Just a thought ;-)
  11. Yes, balancing is very neccesary for a game to become popular. When you can choose the side with tanks, choppers and machineguns no-one is going to play the side with a stcik, a pebble and a lottery scratcher ;-)
  12. I really hope devs will take notice of this thread! I see a lot of great comments in here that are useful for them so keep it up people! Keep adding to this thread when you see stuff you do want to see or stuff you want left out! Surely we can create a framework for devs to create an awesome game!
  13. Unlike PC, you wouldn't notice much of it on the PS3. I personally think they are more likely to incorperate a system like EA has where you have to enter a code to get online play. DRM is not Sony's style, if you ask me.
  14. Hey sorry I haven't been on in a while, I will read the new post as soon as I get a break from work. Things are extremely hectic around here, all sorts of projects popping up all over the place and for some reason beyond me they are all my responsibility :S Right now, when I get home I just need to shoot some digital ###### ;-)
  15. Well, Kirsten runs to Sarah when the terrorist group is so then how did Kirsten see the dying man if they were surrounded by rubble or in fact how did she see Sarah, as a trainee nurse surely she would've been trying to help him and therefore have would've been kneeling down? Not that much of a biggy, as she could've simply ran in the direction of the screams (which gives another problem, namely that of running into a trap or running towards a dying civilian which would be a weird risk to take) but I have to mention it. Well, it occured to me that perhaps you had written this story in a way where you are Kirsten, which could explain these seemingly weird events. Kinda like Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (real name of Lewis Caroll) is the Cheshire Cat in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (AKA Alice In Wonderland). It explains why there why Alice is required to have an adventure even though the godlike abilities of the Chesire Cat could solve all the problem in Alice in Wonderland in a jiffy which does cause a couple of really big plotholes. Reading the section concerning Sarah, it occured to me that this could be the case here as the situations are, in my honest opinion, very improbable. It causes, in this case, some minor plotholes that only let themselves be explained really if the writer is Kirsten. But that only goes up to a point, because Kirsten now seems like she is invincible in the story. Wether that is due to some luck or godlike abilities (like shooting down falling bombs ) and in that respect, well off yourself (as you are Kirsten) might be a bit much, but Kirsten showing flaws and having to take responsibility for her shortcomings would be more interesting to read. Now, I'll happily admit that this idea (of you being Kirsten) was sort of a thought experiment on my side, but it seems to work.
  16. Spoiler alert! Well, small bit anyway. I had read up to the point where we are introduced to Sarah, the trainee nurse. So not very far yet. I shall read more shortly but I haven't really had the time due to some personal circumstances. The reason I stopped there (and didn't mention as I thought my previous post was more than enough to take in) is because it was quite a silly part, here's why: - Amy, as an experienced Ghost, why is she doubting who to follow? Rookie? Teamleader? Rookie? Teamleader? Doesn't seem like something she should be doubtful about. At all. - "Who keeps bandages in their pocket? Oh wait trainee nurses do." Really? That was neccesary? If I might make a suggestion here, I would rewrite this as Kirsten noticing Sarah bandaging her, uttering a well-meant "Uhhhh" and Sarah reassuring her with a smile and a "I'm a nurse... Well, trainee actually". The trail of thought presented to the reader here is quite silly and I doubt anyone would think in this style when they've been shot, even if simulated. - Then there's Sarah's demise. I like the way Kirsten responds here, where it is like she is losing her sister again as the girl is her namesake. But, why doesn't the terrorist kill Kirsten? Surely he had seen Kirsten if he saw Sarah. He also had ample time to kill her: first she has to realise what just happened to Sarah, then her reaction (which was completely valid). I think we are talking a good 5 to 10 seconds here. That would've been a valuable lesson for Kirsten in the simulation and quite strange that this didn't happen. It would've given her quite a bit of food for thought as she screwed up the mission due to her recklessness. This is of course omitting that surely a terrorist would've killed the chick with the piece and the rocketlauncher first or perhaps even as the terrorist surely noticed them two being pre-occupied him setting himself up for a double kill. - ""Let's go" I ordered walking past her examining my dressed wound, she followed behind me." Something that struck me, isn't it a bit too coincidental that Sarah got killed right after she finished bandaging Kirsten? Perhaps it would be more likely that Sarah got shot during bandaging? - ""Wow! Thanks for the save" she puffed.". Wow, indeed. Again, wouldn't it be (storywise) better if even though Kirsten did get saved, her reckless action then got Amy killed despite her best efforts? She did something that she couldn't possibly have afforded to do, in spite of Dave's suggestion (which is also ignoring a direct order from a superior officer for which she then didn't get reprimanded after the simulation?). Kirsten hasn't learned anything from this simulation so I am starting to wonder what the point was of the simulation? This was a very weird section in the story to me. EDIT: Now here is something that just struck me: reading this section and the bit leading up to it again, I'm getting the distinct feeling that it is written as if the writer has written this petending she is the lead character. That is the only way I can make some sense of why things are or aren't happening that clearly should or shouldn't. Ok, I'm going to shut up now, leaving you with: if this is the case, don't be afraid to off yourself in a story. After all, it is just a story. EDITED AGAIN: Just gotta say, not trying to be a dick here. Just telling you how I feel as the reader of the story and trying to relay it to you in a way that is useful.
  17. Ok, heres some points that your daughter might like to hear, I haven't read it all yet (and to give a better criticism I will have to re-read it) but heres some of my thoughts: The Good: I like the pace of the story, at least it is not like an actual Tom Clancy where everything takes forever (yep, don't like Tom Clancy's books either lol). I like the introduction to the characters in the story. The Bad: Now I realise your daughter is a woman and women establish relationships with people by talking to them, but it wouldn't hurt the story if that was toned down a bit. There is just too much talking going on. Also, the inner dialog, that can toned down as well, leave something for the reader to imagine. A lot of situations are described in more details than I personally care for. Take for example the part where shes picking up armor, way too long. This is one of those cases where a simple "I geared up." would've been perfectly sufficient. The Ugly: How our main character is introduced to the Ghost unit, her reaction to her kidnapping, being thrown out on the battlefield without any additional training. No, that simply doesn't work, it is not how any would respond and it just doesn't convince me. - War
  18. Ok, I'm gonna read it right now, not only has curiosity gotten the better of me but I am afraid that by the time that I am done with the books I am currently reading it'll be a 1000 page epic ;-)
  19. I sorta agree, but I don't agree lol. Personally, when it comes to FPS I am a purist. I don't, first of all, see any reason to make maps that big. Personally, when BF2 was released I already felt that was too large. I think it is to cover up that it was a crappy game. I also believe that if you *NEED* a vehicle because otherwise you'd be walking around for hours. not really doing anything else, that that should be considered a flaw in map/mission design. Now usually this is not the case as you are given plenty to do, but still I feel it is rather pointless. In theory, yes I agree with your opening line, but practically speaking: no, please leave the vehicles out and get a bit more creative with your map and mission designs. Then again, just simply being able to disable being allowed to use vehicles and making sure there are plenty of maps that will still be playable without them should be just fine.
  20. As for respawns, I would like to see the stationary spawns brought back besides all this TRR or "side-switching" business. Battlefield 2 Bad Company (I think) had it set up in such a way that when you were pushing your enemies back into their spawn and you came too close they would all of a sudden spawn somewhere completely different. Bullcrap. When you get pushed back into your spawn then you *deserve* to get your ass raped, simply because you messed it up. A team deathmatch should have a very delicate line between pushing your opponent back in their spawn while protecting your own. At least, that is my opinion. What I am trying to illustrate is: people like different respawn settings. Take for example BQL and TAG, back in the day of GR. BQL had TRR settings for respawns, TAG had fixed spawns, two pretty popular ladders and the main difference when it came to GR was (basically) the respawn settings. So it will be very important that a map editor (because this is something that should be settable in the server without having to script a new document for it) is very flexible when it comes to making spawning points, again just to fit the various needs of the community and their subdivisions.
  21. Well, let us know, I'm sure I am not the only one who wants to read it
  22. Let's expand that thought and consider this: First we get different character classes, which all have their appropriate gear and access to certain weapon but no access to others: - Infantry - Support - Snipers - Demo - Medic - etc (cant really think of anything but you guys probably can) Right? Then how about if we can disable classes in the server, besides kit restrictions that is. That would give the casual players what they want and the die-hards can then set restrictions to make the game suitable to their style!
  23. Are you sure this is based on GR? From what I read I'm getting that the main character is a decendant of GR characters and now functions as a "repo-(wo)man meets James Bond"? I suppose that I shouldn't judge a 73 page story on the basis of one paragraph but I cannot help feeling doubtful about the setting she has created. Tell her that she *should* upload it but take all feedback seriously, no matter how negative or positive and if things seem random, then ask people to explain why they said it. That being said, I don't like Stephen King books either and they seem to be doing all right (seriously: the characters are usually very one dimensional, the common trait in all books that everyone besides the main character is a piece of crap, people making decissions that no human being would ever make in those circumstances whatever they may be, nearly every story taking place in Maine as if Maine is the birthplace of all things evil and the never ending list of plotholes each of his stories to name but a few things that are wrong with Stephen King-books). Will you post a link here when she does upload the story? I will read it for one (can't make any promisses on when as I have 2,5 more books to read already lol, I'm having a Russian literature bender: The Gulag Archipelago (unabridged), One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, War and Peace and Anna Karenina which I bought as a set and I have to say... people... pick up at least The Gulag Archipelago and War and Peace, I'm now half way done in War and Piece and already I have to say that these two are the most impressive books I have ever read, just incredible. I am going to read Anna Karenina next, as that was voted as the Best Ever Written Novel by contemporary novelists in 2007, so I think that is saying something). Is your daughter aspiring to be a novelist, by the way?
  24. This is great! Thank you for your contibution, WytchDokta! That's the kind of post that helps developers see what we want and, just as important, not want! Anybody else got stuff to add?
  25. It is not about making peeking mandatory, it is about peeking being implemented properly into the game at all. As far as I am concerned ballistics-wise the bullets can go just dead-straight indeffinately for all I care (until they hit something, of course). The weapons do need a 90% of the time 1-shot, 1-kill thing going on. Sure, I liked the setting where weapons after a certain amount of meters became less lethal, but generally speaking, even over pretty long distances it should remain at 1-hit-dead. And that is exactly why the game needs to be geared in such a way that running all over the place, spray and pray is not rewarding. Rather precision, carefully choosing positions, etc getting you the win. That is where peeking helps: 1-hit-dead + peeking = charge and spray not rewarding 99% of the time.
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