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  1. Awesome map dude!!!! I love it. Every server should add this in there map rotation. This map just proves that we can have rural open area maps in this game. Not just urban. Only thing about it that I don't really like is that the sand storm can be over-the-top at times. But also i think it can give some suppense as you don't know whose on the other side of it. Maybe if it could just be Tuned down in the next release. Other than that man, Well done, and a great map. 9.9/10
  2. LOL GR4 March 2007.. If its true, sounds like another unfinished rush job. give me GR4 in 2008. Ill stick with GRAW for now
  3. Awesome!!!!! Only things im not liking with these map packs, its most game modes just use the same maps. And that no more weapons are being added to the game. Other than that, i cant wait. Ohh yeah and Dedicated Server files, are they in this one?!!
  4. Any more screenies to tease us with?
  5. Anchorman recently? LOL! Love that movie
  6. Anything new with this MOD? Any new pics?? Cant wait for this!
  7. cool!! cant wait for more info on this patch!
  8. Is there even definatly a July Patch coming?? They said more things added throughout the summer. Which is to like September or wat not, so might not even be one this month. Unless its been said officially and ive missed it.
  9. ohh this is gonna be great!!! Is this going to be Domination? or Deathmatch? Or something totally custom? Keep up the excellent guys!
  10. Yes I'm working on a map with custom contents only. Great!! cant wait to see it man.
  11. excellent!! Hey Digi, are you in the works of creating a map using all ur custom content?? Like i saw ur first about how u made that custom terrain, and you have made some other props including this one. Are u going to be making a map with it all. Coz i cant wait to see what you can do!
  12. ohhh another excellent job there by digi!!!
  13. 256MB 7800GTX Max: 55 av:40 min: 32 Mission Vip 2 is down Medium Textures (Characters, guns, cars set to high in .xml) High effects Medium Post Effects No AA 8x AF Dynamic lights on Dynamic shadows off
  14. that picture is from the GRAW announcment trailer if im correct, man that trailer was bad. So many things in that are not in the game. Yes its only a trailer, but still, it should relate to exactly whats in the final game. I was expecting to see the same sniper rifle scott mitchell uses in that trailer, the thermal vision he uses, Smoke grenades against tanks. Also in early, early, early footage of GRAW, there was a female character in the sqaud.
  15. Well im from Australia here, and there is no Dedicated servers here... ive seen about 2 once, but they are not always up 24/7, and usualy just someone hosting on a slow connection. My best ping is the "Ghost Squad" servers, with a ping of approx 250-300. Man that is high as but it doesnt run that bad at all. I can still get kills the only thing i really notcied is that when i shoot someone, there is about a 1 second delay before they fall and before i see the "UNWRITTEN shot NOOB"
  16. im in the tac map for at least 50% of the map time.
  17. Oh really.. thats a bit stupid.. i hate music in games, especially in a game like this. Imagine an elite sqaud on a battlefield with a massive musical ochestra following them, and setting the mood with the different music types! lol Wish we had volume controls for: -Effects -Music -Voice -Narcom
  18. well done aces.Ghost a nice rural map there. Hopefully i can find a online server running it
  19. It should be a written in "The Law of Computer Games" that every PC game released that has a multiplayer component, must have standalone dedicated server files. It's an absolute MUST!
  20. Exactly. A good animation for falling over would be the same one as when you are shot while running. And maybe make it different for dying by fading out to black once hit, or using a transition to black like the ghost eyes closing.
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