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  1. Hi all, I decided playing through the Ghost Recon campaign for the 38743897439287th time This time, I've decided to record it and upload it to youtube. I'm not usually a streamer/gaming uploader, so just doing this for fun. Difference with this campaign play-though, is that I'm going to challenge myself and stick with using the same Ghosts though-out the entire campaign. With the exception of adding in/removing specialist as required. This is going to be tough, and I might not even make it the whole way! If I feel like it, I'll restart the entire mission, but I
  2. I tested this as soon as I walked through a little river. Was disappointed. Said it in my head though
  3. I'm in! I'm in Melbourne, works pretty busy so dunno how often I can commit. But I'm keen. What platform? I'm getting this on Xbox but probably also PC depending on full release performance on a 970GTX. Sounds like fun. I'm still playing OGR and Raven Shield these days. So I'm all for tactical with no assists. Add me on ubi: unwritt3n
  4. I have 2 spare Xbox One beta codes. PM me you ubi if you want one. first in first served
  5. I can't find an answer to this anywhere... If you were to buy this both on Xbox and PC. Do your saves/progression/character carry over between platforms?
  6. I'm excited for it, it's probably the closest thing to a tac shooter we're ever going to get on consoles. Quite a few things I didn't like but will see how it plays once the beta comes out. Don't like how you can practically run in front of an unsuspecting guard and they don't see you.
  7. Game definitely came out of nowhere. Really loved the trailer and the sound of the gameplay so far. Hoping for focus back to its roots. -Similar to Led's question, can we soul swap/manage squad in SP? -any idea if we'll see the effects of being injured again? (hope regen health isn't in!) -are we back to lethal 1 shot kills, or bullet sponges?
  8. Wow, what a massive let down. I can't believe it. I can just picture 1 guy working on patching the PC version once a fortnight. I don't think this would have gone through any kind of QA, judging by the filthy release notes. Patch doesn't even seem to do anything. This is seriously just a spit in the face to the PC community. What an absolute joke. I've been fed up with Ubi and this BS game. Now that's finally it. They can stick their GR where it fits if they release another piece of crap like this again. Somehow, I'd love to screw them over for this. Lying to customers, not delivering. Way to
  9. So when is this 1.6 patch out? I finally bought the game, at the bottom of a bargain bin.
  10. I still play this... But I'm in Aus. And I never find servers... I was running a dedicated server from home and tried getting some interest on local forums, but that died. I'll stick to campaign and firefight on m own.
  11. My thoughts after 5min. *turn off Xbox, go to PC, Launch Arma 2, have fun*. I never had high hopes for GRFS, after playing it myself, I give it a 1 star out of 5. Maybe even half a star. There is nothing good about it, the fundamental gameplay mechanics and arcade like, and do not promote any reason for team work. Fail. Is all i say. Bring on ArmA 3. Best thing us tactical shooters can hope for
  12. Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time. Which I believe is, correct me if I'm wrong, UTC +11:00
  13. Server will be online tomorrow (16/02/2012) from 19:00 AEDST.
  14. Server now offline. Scheduling it to be back on soon. Next time the server is online, I will notify a few days in advance and specify a time, so we are all ready.
  15. Server up and online. Hopefully get some good numbers on tonight. So I can see how it goes. Server details in OP.
  16. Introduction: I am a die-hard original Ghost Recon fan. Servers today are non-existant. Starting today I am going to begin hosting my own Mutiplayer server. I cannot have it running all the time, but I will try to have it on as much as possible. I will always post here (perhaps update this post) when I will be hosting so you all know when to be ready. I have set it up and not running any mods at this point in time. For now, all that is required is Ghost Recon and the Island Thunder and Desert Siege expansions. At the moment I am just testing. I've configured all of the required firewal
  17. Why don't they just let ppl upload those videos? What they tryin to hide. Gonna be a game anyway
  18. One thing I didn't like about his answers was when he said Sounds like its would only be a p2p connection and not dedicated servers. If that's the case, instant fail.
  19. Lets just hope its moddable and some of the great GR modders can fix it up. Would be good to see the following mods once its released: - FPV Only - Realistic Wounds - Realistic ballistics - No health regen - Large open maps - Remove Battlestar Galatic Future 1000 25-Hundred Riot shield with Blue flashy lights - Remove Super non-stealth Neon blue glasses - Remove Superhero abilities - Remove Cloak <-- that still makes me lol so hard. - Remove any sort of point/XP system/achievements and give us the vanilla solider level up of Weapon, Stealth, Endurance & Stamina
  20. Just heard about this and saw the trailer. I'm going to remain skeptical until I play the Beta which I applied for. Ghost Recon has been going down hill since GR2 on the Xbox and PS2. After seeing this trailer, I think the hill ended, and is now falling off a cliff. Our chances for another 'tip of the spear' Ghost Recon game has all but diminished. This looks exactly like Crysis 2 MP. I bet there's a voice over that will say 'Cloak, engaged'. It looks like a fast-paced arcade action game. I bet you will gain XP on kills etc to spend on clothing, and you can get coloured mohawks and colo
  21. I definatly don't wanna be using hand signals in my living room while playing a game. I'd feel like the biggest idiot ever.
  22. Well I suppose you want us to be comparing to the latest release... so GRAW 2. ADDED: More realism (injury system, fatigue, recoil, stealth, recon, bullet physics, interactive environments.) REMOVED: (Crosscom, showing enemy locations onscreen, small linear maps) Like everyone says. Basically make it as similar to [GR] with better graphics/physics/AI. But make it have all your future soldier tech and story.
  23. I've been watching that over and over... This game could have potential. I'm going to stop being biased about it going to suck. I think I'll follow it and see how it turns out. Once we start seeing gameplay videos and in game screenshots we can start to see what its really going to be like. If done properly, this could still be done well and considered the next Ghost Recon.
  24. Hahahahah this game looks funnier and more ridiculous every time I see something new about it. Wonder if you can equip a lightsaber
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