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  1. Amiga rocked. did you know Commodore have resurfaced and are making high end gaming PCs now? Ah... to have AmigaOS running on a quad-core Intel processor... That OS ROCKED... would have made Vista look like the pile of.... spaghetti code... that it is. Now we're severely off-topic... swerving the message hummer back onto the blacktop.... Just one more bump in the road to the topic... I think you can run Amiga is you want.... check this out for details. http://os4.hyperion-entertainment.biz/
  2. I immediately canceled the installation and scanned the patch for viruses when I heard that music. I was saying to myself "###### kind of stupid crap is that?" Hey! Whats wrong with our install music? Several of us is old demo-scenes (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demoscene) and this was the kind of music that was common on the old C64 and Amiga. I hope you're kidding. The list of what's wrong with that patch music isn't long, it's quite short. But I'll share it with you. My list of why the GRaW 1.04 Patch music is a bad idea. 1. Feels sort of amature... has a very keyge
  3. Given your recent change of heart on life I am going to tell you what my wife always tells me. “Don't sweat the small stuff†and/or “don't try and control things that are out of your controlâ€. If a decision is made to end patch support of GRAW2 there isn't a thing this community could do about it. Worrying about it especially when it has no basis in fact is just a waste of time and forum space. In short, and to repeat, don't worry about things you can't control. I'm inspired to share another poem with you in case you didn't follow the PBS link from my other peom post. "Other
  4. I don't care how poor you are thats just rock bottom.You can make 6 dollars MINIMUM wage for working an hour. Milk is what, $2.50 for a gallon? I am working and going to college at the same time, paying for myself and even I'm not that money saving. In fact, I just saved up enough money for a new TV Just have a comment on this... I wouldn't call returning milk that goes bad before the printed expiration date rock bottom... I would call it smart and frugal. Read the book, The Millionaire Next Door. If you ever want to become wealthy on a working salary doing things like that is the way
  5. why would smaller patches have anything to do with GRiN ending support? What is with the whole ending support fear anyway? At what point would you be OK with them ending patch support? I may be the minority... I don't really expect to be playing this game much a year from now and I'm happy with it as is. So many good titles coming out... this one will be put aside. I may come back it from time to time, don't get me wrong. Anyway... sorry for the rant.
  6. Custom Campaigne! Freaking Kick ####! Moderator edit. Please do not use symbols to bypass the swear filter.
  7. A word of caution for you all... There is no magic registry tweak that will unlock the beast within XP. Processor speed is king, slow processor... slow system. Usually these types of registry tweaks don't actually perform as advertised. Do homework before you impliment and for god sakes keep notes so you can undo anything you change. That said... you can properly optimize your system and see better performace than you would if you had not optimized it. I personally preferr TweakGuides Tweaking Companion, the author has been on the forums here... It's a great guide, quite comprehensive
  8. Hi Papa, Sorry for your loss. Death really shakes you up when it hits so close. I lost an aunt recetly... I found the poem below on line and for some reason it gave me comfort, it may help you. "Funeral Blues" by W.H. Auden Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone, Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone, Silence the pianos and with muffled drum Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come. Let aeroplanes circle moaning overhead Scribbling on the sky the message He Is Dead, Put crêpe bows round the white necks of the public doves, Let the traffic policemen wear b
  9. I have to admit, I still run XP Pro on my gaming machine at home. I do run Vista Ultimate on my work laptop and I Love it. I'm also in process of building a HTPC, again... I must admit, it will be running XP Pro.
  10. Have to agree I would say 90% of problem posts I have seen are vista OS. Its a beta OS with mostly Beta Drivers, this is Im afraid is a fact. Wait a sec here.... Vista is ready for prime time. IF... that is IF you do your homework on old hardware or buy a new Vista Ready machine. I've been running vista problem free on production machines since it's release on Technet. The only... repeat only... issue I have had is with a VPN client and that is Sonicwall's fault. (even in the last phase of the beta I found few problems). While I'm at it I should say... playing GRAW on 64bit Business
  11. Hi All, I've had a run at the Medal Of Honor Airborne Demo and in the very few minutes I had with it I can see elements that would have/would be nice to see in GRAW next. Mainly the land anywhere to start the mission feature. The helo inserts in GRAW are cool and fit the game but really... why be locked in to such few start point options? Is this a limitation of the engine or is it just the way the level/mission designers worked each level/mission in the campaigne? Cheers, CW It Occurs to me this question may be answered in another thread... if so, sorry for the spam. If not, please
  12. This makes me think... what does the animation show? If a guy has a nade and on his screen he is in the process of tossing it what do you see on your screen? If you shoot him does he die nade in hand or does it fall to the ground unarmed? Anyone know?
  13. So... the nade doesn't actually start cooking when you pull the pin. It's after you toss it or drop it that the simulated spoon falls off and the fuse starts to burn. In one way this could be considered realistic but in another you might think it's not. I would imagine if you were to take 100 people and give them all a nade and have them pull the pin while being killed some would drop the nade and it would go off and others would hold the nade with the spoon still safely in place. I wonder if they could make it go off sometime and not others depending on some sort of chance system.
  14. I forgot this one importat thing. HATS OFF TO ALL OF YOU AT GRIN. This game is great and for having so few people work on it you must have really worked your ##### off. Cheers to you all! Moderator edit. Please do not use symbols or other characters to bypass the swear filter.
  15. After reading the credits I was struck by how few programmers there really were for this title. The majority of the credits are mainly artists and other support staff, especially Ageia. No wonder there was a delay.... I really thought alot more people were involved.
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