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  1. Hey mates thanks for viewing,

    Just bought a 19' LCD widescreen monitor with a native resolution set at 1440x900 @60hz. My rig specs are:

    Windows XP

    P4 2.0g--400 FSB

    128mb Nvidia 6800 vid card

    768 mb memory


    What settings should I go with for max FPS?

    Is there any vid card settings I should be going with?

    Any thing I should know about LCD?

    Thanks in advance for your help,


  2. Ok I'll take some Qs on this topic in one go:

    The specs running was medium.

    Pentium 3.0

    Nvidia Gforce 6800

    RAM 2GB (ram is always good)

    The screen was a Opticlear 19" from NEC (GREAT)

    This was not GRIN playing it was the press - so it was filmed by and played by a gamer.

    This was NOT coop. This is the AI - yes :) No freeflight cam or reccord mode - just straight un-controlled (from us or UBI) hands on.

    Animations of how fast you get up and down your weapon and hands are gameplay trimmed - and by the way you do get up a gun real fast when the ###### hits the fan.

    Oh and we're close now ppl.... close :)

    A couple of questions:

    1. What resolutions are supported?

    2. You're getting close to what? :whistle:

    Supurb job Bo and the entire GRIN team,



    I smell demo....I smell demo..... :clapping:

  3. Thats OK, Europe can have the LAN parties of GRAW, us Yanks will take the demo. I'm fine with that, you know what I mean...... :whistle: I think we could all fancy that right?..... :harhar:

    I'm telling all y'all, the demo is here, this week or the next....Happy Easter? :fingersx:



  4. Demorecording is prolly replays (like the replays in GR1) which will be added later in a patch according to that source. I realy hope they will add this! :fingersx:

    Ingame content download means that you can join a multiplayer server where they run a map that you don't have (eg. custom made multiplayer map). When you join that server you will auto-download that map so you will be able to play on that server anyway.

    Ah, I see....thank you. As for the ingame content download, I believe RB6 Raven-Shield had this feature, right?


  5. Lets narrow it down to this, PC games are the place to be when it comes to games that demand high realism and tactics. Hence look at the size of those driving, flying, sailing, and miltary sims' instruction books.

    My biggest fear with this installment of GR was the "look" of a console game. (Hence: look at Rainbow Six-Lockdown <_<) If I wanted to play a console game, I would play a console game. :nono:

    As we have all seen, GRAW DEFINATELY isn't a console game. Thank you GRIN eternally for this. I don't think it would of been the case if Red Storm got a hold of GRAW. (Hence: look at Rainbow Six-Lockdown <_<)

    I feel that there will always be a place for PC games. I just wish they we're as cool and exciting as they used to be before I owned a PC. Some of you might know what I'm talking about.

    But for now.............give us a DEMO...... :P



  6. Features which might get added in a patch, but which are not included in 1.0 are demo recording and ingame content download, so you’ll be able to join any server, even if you don’t have that map.

    Source: http://www.graw.nl/community/features/1794/

    Sorry for my ignorance but I really don't understand the above paragraph. :dunce: I want to as excited as everyone else.... :thumbsup:

    Just need some clarification...... :hmm:

    Thanks all,


  7. I posted a similar topic over in the "computer discussion" thread of GR.net, please have a go at it and help me out as well.


    Hey mate,

    The suggestions that I've received so far is in my case is to wait and see how the game runs. But as I see in your case, the video card upgrade looks obvious to me. Then save the rest of your money to upgrade whats "really" needed once you play it.



  8. Fantastic review mates!! I got chills when you mentioned the parachuting thing. I truely felt excited like a child. :rolleyes: Also the part how the ememies come up and try to out flank you.......yikes. :coolspeak:

    I am so excited about this game after reading the review. Definately the longest and most detailed one to date. It's always the best when done by diehard GR1 gamers rather than and the average punters at the gamer magazines. :thumbsup:

    Hats off to you guys and all the GRIN team......my respects :charge:



  9. Here here :thumbsup:

    We had two well known members with hundreds of hours playing GR1, who had the lucky opportunity to play GRAW, say that they absolutely loved it. I trust their opinion and am anxiously am looking forwrd to the demo....cuz I'm definately gonna buy the game regardless.

    The GRIN team have listened to our wants and needs, they have kept to the GR1 way with some great upgrades and will deliver a great game. All reviews are saying this. :)

    We all know, for the majority of the game for ALL OF US, is going to be great and we'll be happy. We'll work through the rest. :thumbsup:



  10. Apart from that good read, although I think we managed to get some more juicy details out of our visit (just waiting for the green light to publish that tomorrow.)

    I guess no one caught this early post........I bet the GR.net review will rock........til tommorrow.......... :rofl:



  11. Alright mates, I need yor help. The cost of upgrading my memory from 768mb to 1.5 GB or upgrading my P4 from a 2.0/400 FSB to a 2.8/400FSB. is about the same.

    Which would be more beneficial to upgrade. My current tower setup is:

    Windows XP

    P4 2.0G at 400FSB

    768 memory RDRAM

    128mb Nvidia 6800 vid card

    Thank you all in advance, getting prepped for GRAW.... :thumbsup:



  12. Well, lets get back on subject.

    Ubisoft and GRIN know what worked, what was wanted, and what was needed and have but together a game which looks like it will rock. By reading here, seeing the videos, and all the pics, I am confident that the game will be everything we want and more. Whats important is making a game that will satisfy everyones pallette, and thats real hard.

    Even the die-hard GR gamers who were lucky enough to play the game are impressed and that should be all we need to know.

    We will all come to love this game one way or the other. I know I'm stoked and am counting the days until the DEMO (hint,hint) comes out so we all can have a little taste.

    Great job UBIsoft and especially GRIN for all your hard work and dedication. Also especially to the GRIN members in here who are hearing all the gripes and answering all our questions with a good attitude.

    Cheers to you all!


    P.S. As for the 2 hour plus missions, I'm so there dude :thumbsup:

  13. All right, all right, all right.......back on subject.

    With the troubled history that this game has, they should be sending us lots of love. It can't really be that hard. I do feel really confident that this game will be awesome, but we need constant hugs and nurchuring (sp?) :blink:

    This whole thing is starting to look and feel like the whole GR2 cancelation. :nono: I wish UBI and GRIN would see this and hook us up.

    Come on............let the info flow!!!! :please:



  14. In keeping with the neat customizable arm patches Rainbow Six had in MP, can you do the same with GRAW?

    Or another idea in MP is having the players name on the top back of vest. I believe I saw this in the 360 version where each soldier had their name on each of their own vests.

    Just some suggestions for ya. Open to any ideas from the group as well. :thumbsup:

    P.S. When is the demo coming out?? :rolleyes::whistle: Sorry....I had to ask, would'nt be right if I didn't....... :P



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