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  1. I pre-ordered R6-Raven Shield and got it 2 days LATE... :( Been nervous about pre-ordering ever since.

    I personally have never had a problem with going out and just buying it on the big day. It's not like the release day of a Harry Potter book. If there was that much hype for this game as for the HP books, I would definately pre-order. In my eyes, as well as everyone else here, GRAW is larger than life..... :grin1:

    Being the GR nerd that I am, I'll probably go to Walmart at midnight of the 3rd and make them go in the back and fetch me up a copy like I made them do on all the Star Wars DVDs....... :icon_redface: But I don't think Walmart will have copies on the big day........



  2. A   512Kbits of data transfer upload rate for a server on a full game. The game interface offers an option to limit the bandwidth, so that players with a limited connection can still enjoy the gameplay with less destruction effects (although a destroyed cover will still be destroyed), and will not drag down the other players on the same server, who have a better connection.

    Ok , I know what upload is needed to host a server but please someone tell me what connection is required to play game with all destructions on 32 server. ?

    I have 256/128 kbits ( 32/16 kB/s ) :unsure:

    Being a "cable guy" for Time Warner, I'm confused by the whole 512Kbits upstream rate. Most broadband cable companies offer a 386Kbit upstream. I hope to get some clarity on this. I wonder if this for a server.......I guess we'll see

    As for the minimum specs, looks like the minimum memory has went up from 512 to 1024............. :o



  3. I was wondering,

    I've seen in a couple screens and also in a few videos that the g36k is indeed ingame

    though you never see it in hands of a ghost (on the second official trailer, at 01:01, when the ghost is running across and then walking, it looks like he's holding g36k, but I'm not sure), perhaps Bo can comment if ghosts are able to use g36k?

    Perhaps it could be the XM8, after all it shares many design similarities with the G36k.

    dont have the hd version of the 2nd trailer if some1 could check it.

    im a rvs veteran my g36k is my evrything!



    Ah....the G36 and Raven Shield.....what a combo......I know. The XM-8 will be your weapon of choice then if you play GRAW. The Mexicans do have the G36 though. FYI, it can't be picked up from a dead soldier as well..


  4. Windows needs a 'Gaming' setting...one button you can push that will reboot windows into a slimmed down mode and ONLY run what is needed for gaming...all other services and startup programs go bye bye...that would rock.

    Yeah totally agree. Release the mem!

    Hey mates, try this, it works brilliantly for me......TaskPower 2

    Seems to be the popular "end it all" program.



  5. WOW, No jump master? I might just have to cancel my pre-order. No way I buy a game that cant pass the "OMG I HAVE MICROSCOPE LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!!" test.

    Nit Pickers are a dime a dozen on any forum you visit, thinking they are shedding light on a important subject, when all they are really doing is trying to show that they know more than anyone else.

    I think some people missed HF's point, really. There are people on this forum who nitpick about ALOT of things, things people perceive to be "realistic" or not. Alot of people are also saying things look really awesome, and more "realistic", compared to 360. All HF is saying is that this HALO sequence is a not true portrayl of what he does in real life. He has the right to point these things out, and offer an opinion that differs from the now common "GRIN rockzor's" and such.

    Now if people cannot debate nicely in response to a realism critique, or a differing opinion, then you may find yourself on a little vaction.


    Well put.


  6. Looks great. That shot where the ghost strafes past while shooting and killing an enemy, though: Is that indicative of accuracy while moving in combat? I've been hoping for a tactical shooter where the player is actually efficient in combat.

    What you talking about.....I kill people all the time in a full run during paintball. You just gotta lead them a bit..........:yes:;)


  7. Hello mates,

    First off, my tower specs are:

    Dell Dimension 8200

    Windows XP

    P4 2.0g--400 FSB

    128mb Nvidia 6800 AGP 4x video card

    768 mb RDRAM memory (will be 1.5gb---memory is in route)

    19' LCD widescreen monitor with a native resolution set at 1440x900 @60hz


    I was wondering what should I set my AGP aperature at. Should it be at 128mb or 256mb?

    I believe I need only set it to 128mb to increase my vid card AVAILABLE system memory to cover 256mb total....right?

    I believe I read that anything over a 256mb "onboard" memory vid card was useless anyway.

    Thank you all in advance,


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