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  1. If the admins or anyone on this planet who is kind enough knew the actuall date & was 110% sure it would be released at a specific time, I'm sure they would let us know.

    And yes, we can read default black font on this board :)

    Well the red shows authority and urgency....but I guess I need to be a "supporter" for that.... :D

    Besides, red looks nicer to some........ :P:shifty:


  2. We have been waiting for GRAW a long time fellas, like someone said, just relax and wait for a day or two  :grin1: .

    Hey Admins, can we get a demo date and time. All us punters need to stock up on some sleep, because once the demo is out...girlfriends and sleep go away......... :huh::o=


  3. Come on now everyone....any guesses on which day this week for the demo?

    Maybe one of you "supporters" can start a poll..... :yes: Waiting for my Paypal account to get "fixed" so I can become a supporter as well....... ;) It got hacked somehow...... :(


  4. *Takes screenshots* Woohoo! A demo thread that has not been locked!

    Oh boy are you in trouble when zjj sees this :rofl:

    She is gonna line us all up and do a "Three Stooges" slap across all of our faces....... :yes:

    Then she will put up this smiley.......... :wall:


    Hey Hjj, how about the above option...:lolup:


  5. I brought this subject a few days ago when Bo was still around :( and he explained that anyone "running around" (weapon down) would get mowed down by the "walkers" (weapons up)....hence getting rid of the "run and gun" type of games.

    I then asked if the "leapfrog" tactic would work. This is the process of one guy running forward to a spot while the rest of the team covers and or lays down supressing fire......rinse.......repeat......etc :P I suggested to use this tactic to move around the map with any kind of speed. He agreed.

    So in this case, supressing fire will work....we'll soon see yeah?



  6. *Takes screenshots* Woohoo! A demo thread that has not been locked!

    Oh boy are you in trouble when zjj sees this :rofl:

    She is gonna line us all up and do a "Three Stooges" slap across all of our faces....... :yes:

    Then she will put up this smiley.......... :wall:


    Hey, for some reason, I can't start a poll. Someone needs to with a Mon-Fri demo release possibilities. Put each of the days of the week on the poll. Whoever wins gets to play the demo............ :o=

    Watcha all think?


  7. i dunno how people can preorder. i hate buying something and finding out later that it's not good. i can't buy stuff without trying it or atleast reading some good reviews of it.

    and all the people saying good job for the game development; not that i have a problem with it cause the developers seem like really good guys; but they are saying good job for something that they don't even know how it is. It's like thanking someone who gives you a bag before you look in the bag. It could be a bag of crap for all you know. Would you like to thank someone for a bag of crap?

    If this title had a following like the Harry Potter books, I'd probably preorder. Other than that, I have never had a prob with just picking it up on release day. Besides, the stores open up before I the mail would have it delivered by.


  8. It seems like very country has a release date except the US. Us bloody Yanks need a date. Throw us a fetchin' bone here...... :wacko:

    I need to know if its gonna be May 2nd or May 9th. Games are released only on Tuesdays here and it has to be one of those dates. I feel ike I'm taking crazy pills ......... :wall:

    Maybe Pave Low can update the "pinned" GRAW release date thread with some updated dates.

    I need help, we're sooooooo close.... :please:


  9. Just to ease peoples pain a little... You can get GeForce 6xxx cards very cheap now. Also, not to be rude but I am with the above poster. I have a AMDXP2800, 1 gig of RAM, and a GeForce 6800GT and I couldnt run fear at 90% full detail... Maybe it I was playing at 800x600 or something... Even thats a maybe though to be quite honest.

    As with all newer games, some people are forced to upgrade their hardware if they want to play. Asking for a GF6xxx to play the game is not an unrealistic expectation.

    My specs:

    Dell Dimension 8200

    Windows XP

    P4 2.0g--400 FSB

    128mb Nvidia 6800 AGP 4x video card

    768 mb RDRAM memory (will be 1.5gb---memory is in route)

    19' LCD widescreen monitor with a native resolution set at 1440x900 @60hz

    With that, I'm gonna be putting my vid card though its paces. Gonna either open all pipes and shaders and or OCing as well. Doing the 3DMark tests in between all changes so I could see what works best.

    There are a lot of good detailed guides regarding the 6800 in particular. PM me if anyone wants the links.



  10. Well, BF2 doesn't support WS.  It looks like GRAW will, just from the aspect ratio settings form the i27 event pics

    BF2 does too. Right click on game icon, hit properties, and just change your "shortcut key" from fullscreen to widescreen and the but your resolution in the obvious spots.

    Sorry to go off topic a bit. Once again..... :g_withgrin: in the end.

    Fresh :o=

  11. just about every new game does support widescreen...

    im hoping graw does or my new monitor was a pointless buy

    I'm on the same boat aCid. Just bought a 19" widescreen with a 1440 x 900 native resolution. I absolutely love it......:wub: Never going back to CRT.


    hah me too, acer A1916W

    239 USD @ newegg, couldnt beat it :shifty:

    Yeah, I got my monitor from the same place and price. But I got the AGM...LINK One hell of a deal yeah?


  12. Guys,

    Im a noob. Heres my pc specs :

    AMD Athlon 64bit 3200+

    MSI GeForce FX 5500 256MB

    Kingston PC3200 DDR-400

    Western Digital 80Gb Sata/Raid

    Samsung 17" LCD Flat screen

    Do you guys think that my PC can play GRAW?? the ram i will upgrade to 1GB or 2GB. Just need some confirmation on the vid card and the processor can it take the blow.



    Definately gonna need to upgrade that video card, no doubt about it. I recommend keeping with a 256mb one. 2 GB of memory is a definate plus as well..... :yes: As for that processor, I'm not familiar with that type, sorry.. :(


  13. that pc test we had a while back, do those results still apply? or do i need to do that test again with the new specs?


    We'll have to wait and see if and when that particular site updates their minimum settings.

    To Spike we should listen. SAVE YOUR PENNIES. Play the DEMO. Then decide, are you happy with the eyecandy? How's your FPS rate? Use these forums....ah heck, you do that anyway..... :grin1:

    But first....me need the DE--......oops, I didn't say it....... :nono:

    Good luck to you all,


  14. After reading the thread that basically ran off all the GRIN DEV's  I felt the need to shower them with a little praise.  Not for the game they are about to unleash.....but for their time in coming to this forum to talk with us.

    Many seem to think its their right to know everything they want to know...when they want to know it.

    It was a privilege to have the GRIN team in here dropping the few bread crumbs they dropped......and instead of thanking them...for sharing their bread.....they got "WHERE IS MY STEAK"

    My grandmother once told me about praying....."Just because you prayed and didnt get what you wanted....doesnt mean God didnt answer....he just said no"

    That to me in a nut shell was what was going on here.  Wether you like it or not...NO COMMENT is an answer...just not the one you are looking for.

    I dont see why some people were getting flack for kissing up......when they never have played the game......yet last I checked...the ones saying..oh this is no good.....have also never played the game.....yet somehow their opinions mean more...because they are "against the man" and not some brown nosing toady.

    So to GRIN...I thank you for allowing the gaming community to get to know you and your game a little better.

    Looking forward to not only playing the game...but seeing you stop by the forums again.

    If you feel the same way...I say help keep this thread alive....Post your thanks....and if you dont.....then please feel free to just keep quiet...and go ask UBI for info..and see how much you get from them.


    Brilliantly put Hack, thanks for starting this thread......... :)

    I few points to add, viz:

    -We were hurt and betrayed when GR2 was cancelled. Bo and his team kept us informed about GR3, as much as they were allowed to.

    -Because of what happened, they have listened to our wants and needs and have done their best to implement this into the game. Plus, added a ton of new things regarding realism and detail that any diehard GR gamer would love.

    -They have come in here and took the heat for the delays and didn't hide from it.....thats very admirable. :grin1:

    -They have been a normal fixture here. Considered "one of the guys and or gals", as it were.. :shifty:

    In closing, going by those who have played the game and what we've seen, heard, read, and watched....GRAW is coming to be a huge success. GRIN has put together a cracking game.

    Bo and the rest of GRIN, thank you for just being "one of the guys and or gals"..as it were... :shifty: You just don't find a upcoming game where the dev team is in constant interaction with the players. Lets not take this for granted.... :g_withgrin:

    Thanks again for all your hard work and we all hope to see you in here soon



  15. Third, you need to hold the zones to keep the upper hand in the match, so runnin' 'n' gunnin' (ok, there's no literal run and gun so I guess that would be run-and-stop-real-quick-and-shoot) without an agenda isn't really helping the higher goal: To dominate. In other words, in Domination it is very important that you are at the right place at the right time: You need to know where you are needed, and get there fast.

    I think you got your wires crossed on what run in gun is, or do you only have 2 game speeds? Walk and Run? Because everygame has a walk or run option and run and gun is applied to the moving around in the "always run" mode. But Im asssuming you guys have 3 speeds. Walk, Run and Sprint. Am I wrong? In Ravenshield you have the option to use "always run" and you can shoot on the move, but you dont move fast. Can you clarify this? I read that whole thread and it didnt mention this, unless I missed it somewhere.

    So it sounds like the best tactics are having someone run up while the rest of the team covers him and then you basically "leapfrog" the rest of the team......I can't wait....... :g_withgrin:

    Remind anyone of Full Metal Jacket...... :o=


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