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  1. I looked up my account on UBI and I too see that is has been shipped and that my credit card has been charged.  I called the support number on my purchase confirmation email to ask what that is all about.  The guy I spoke with told me that the game has shipped from the warehouse to the distribution center but as of yesterday (4/28/06) the game has not yet arrived.  He told me that they were expected to arrive today, (Friday 4/29/06) and that they would be shipping from there either today or tomorrow and I should receive it early next week.

    I feel the whole, "shipped on the 25th" was a terrible ploy to sell more pre-orders, and it apperently has worked..... :bs:

    Well.....probably not but all in all, the whole situation is complete rubbish!!!! :nono:

    But in the end, once again.. :g_withgrin:


  2. Yep anybody who has hamachi installed can set up their own room, with a password too if you want to, then just let your mates know the rooms name and password.........and bobs your uncle

    I haven't heard that phrase in a while...... :):offtopic:

    Cheers mate!


  3. My bet is that Colin told us to come back in 48 hrs on Friday knowing that we would still check every minute on the minute for the demo.... :P

    I wonder about the comment about the fact that he expected people to be playing the full game by tomorrow...... :hmm:

    The day is finally here. HOOT HOOT HOOT

    Lets light em up!!!!!!!!!! :cheers::charge:

    See y'all im Mexico City....

    Fresh :g_guns:

  4. Oh no is Tuesday and still no demo  :whistle:

    Hey Ubisofties on Friday is my girlfriend back you know what this means ? If i have no demo on Friday I must play with my girlfriend and believe me that´s boring, really boring ... always the same game  :lol:

    Play GRAW........play with girlfriend...........play GRAW........play with girlfriend...........:hmm: Tough call......... :rolleyes:


  5. Whats going on? We have waited so long, I don't think it's necessary to flame Ubi (we all know how Ubi handles their PR, so nothing new to us, right?) or GRIN for not releasing any info about the demo. It's out when it's out and I believe Thursday will be our day  :yes:


    Sorry if I was misunderstood, all that I was saying is, in my opinion UBI don't have to be the good guys especially when they have people like GRIN working with them. :)

    I suggest that everyone just stocks up on sleep, loves their signifigant other, and check the forums around 1800 GMT everyday........cuz when the demo comes out........well, you know............ :whistle::cheers:


  6. Hey mates,

    With the MP demo almost here, I think we'd all like to know what everyones "player name" going to be so we can identify frequent GR.net visitors. I'm sure that there are some people in here we want to team up with......:group:......and others we might want to shoot......:gun: I'm sure there are a lot of people here who are from clans, with those special identifiers.

    So with that, I'll start. Mine will be: |30+|Fresh

    See y'all in Mexico City....:charge:


  7. It's no doubt that Colin is the man.....always the one with the info..... :grin1:

    Now if he could just give us one more bit of info......erm.....lets say.....a certain date of something......this week...... :hmm:

    Then....only then.....would he be the "Supreme Man"....... :whistle:



  8. Ahh the good ol days.  I remember when I hosted GR servers like that.  ;)

    When I have my setup ready with my new lcd I'm gonna get a monitor arm. Then I'm going to have that sucka float right over my bed so I can play relaxing totally on the bed.

    Thats a sweet idea....gonna look into that one....... :thumbsup:


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