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  1. it reboots my computer to in the retail game when i play sp co-op and mutiplayer didnt happen in the demo maybe grin has to patch that to fix it?

    I just updated my sound drivers last night, tryed the game this morning and it restarts my computer about 10 to 20 secs into continuing my SP game.... :wall:


  2. yep indeed , im running mx518, and if u set the scrolling to ANY ACTION it wont work. Change back to default, than restart and adres the keys u want but leave the SCROLL alone , dont use it, than u will be able to use it in the menus.

    (see former post too)


    YES YES, that worked brilliantly......thanks a bunch........ :grin1:


  3. To back up what I was saying about your upgrade Im playing BF2 at 1280 x 1024 full settings on best.  The extra gig made the game smooth as hell.  BF2 on these settings looks stunning.

    Now if BF2 has all these men running about and hellys in the sky fighting and my pc is running  very very well then says to me dont upgrade your pc yet.

    GRAW issues will get sorted.

    daztrek is absolutely correct........this response should be pinned I think. The issues will be sorted out.... :grin1:


  4. yep indeed , im running mx518, and if u set the scrolling to ANY ACTION it wont work. Change back to default, than restart and adres the keys u want but leave the SCROLL alone , dont use it, than u will be able to use it in the menus.

    (see former post too)


    Thanks......I'll give those options a go..... :)


  5. (I apologize for the rant and accept this thread will more than likely be moved or deleted, but I feel it ought to be said.)

    When the Grin developers, (at some expense to their own free and work time) decided to come onto these forums to try and give their fanbase a little bit of support, you all seemed pleasant enough. Fairly appreciative of their presence, at the very least. Anyway, at some point I guess your sense of wonder wore off, because the forum (and I imagine their PM boxes) became flooding with idiotic criticisms, nonsensical demands, and uneducated accusations. Likely not one poster here has even a third of the knowledge of game development that the people at Grin do, but nevertheless all of you decide you knew better, to a point of argument and attacks.

    Still, like some kind of surreal battered spouses, the Grin employees have continued to post, and no matter what the moderators do they can't seem to stop the flood of:

    Mod tools

    Not planned  :o

    Hit Boxes!?

    will there be more skins?


    Damn pesky bugs...

    And of course the many deleted threads. On page two 'On the eve of release i just want to thank GRIN' has 30 views and no replies.

    Whether you like the game or not, at the very least be polite, civil, and respectful. And a little bit humble, considering you have, truly, no idea how to make a game. All it seems you can do is insult and demean people who work day and night to bring you (under appreciated) entertainment.


    Almost missed

    'GR:AW Will Be $19.95 in three months'  :rolleyes:

    To put it simply...........I approve this post

    :g_withgrin: -----Fresh

  6. Hey mates,

    I'm having problems logging into the Gamespot servers.

    1. Tryed old account: no go

    2. Hit "enter" at login bug: OK

    3. Created new account: OK

    4. While logging in, it said that there was a problem with internet connection and or firewall settings, view README file: Couldn't find README file but turning OFF Windows firewall (even though GRAW was listed as an "exception") seems to have worked....OK

    5. After a minute wait it said I couldn't logon with that username/password: BAH!

    This is where I'm stuck, I'm hoping that things will be ironed out today because it's the "official" US release date. Maybe I'm jumping the gun but some people have been playing and not me...... :wall::wall::wall:

    Any and all advice is greatly appriciated.......... :grin1:

    See y'all in Mexico,

    Fresh.... :g_withgrin:

  7. 5/2        Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter

    According to the Gamestop website i will have GRAW TOMORROW!!! Anyone else? cause i am all about hooking up and doing some playing!!!

    I'm pretty sure that is "ships" on the 2nd mate. So the earliest you'll have it is on the 3rd...... :grin1:

    Fresh... :g_withgrin:

  8. I sort of had the same problem. I could scroll but it wouldn't allow me to select anything when you push it. It was set to Universal Scroll in the setpoint options. I changed it to Middle button and it works fine now. I have a G5 laser mouse, so not sure if this is helpful.

    My scroll wheel "button" just failed all of the sudden as well. I'll give these options a try.



  9. Gonna have to agree with you aswell. The way you control your gun and your aiming are the best attempt at realism I have ever experienced in a game. Personally I think thats why most ppl are complaining ...cause they play for 2 sec then realize they stink and have to make an effort to fully realize GRINs efforts. It took me a couple of vlans with buddies to get the controls down ...now that I have I see the possiblities and game emersion are un paralleled.


    Exactly Xeno, you hit it right on the head.......if you go and do, in real life, what the ghosts are doing, only then do you appriciate the realism.......and thats EXACTLY what we all asked for............... :yes:


  10. Hello mates,

    I have only played this demo for a whopping 30 minutes only (I have a 3 month old.. :P ). I'm hooked already. This game will have huge potential in all aspects.

    The problems that are out there are going to be so easily fixed in a patch.

    As for the ones who hate difference and change....you have blinders on to the world. Change is a neccesary part of everything and anything. Please don't belittle yourselves and hate something you haven't even tryed out yet.

    I do agree that there needs to be a MP in the demo because of how huge the appeal of MP is. For most, its all that we play.

    So in closing, no need to attack or belittle anyone. It doesn't make you look credible. BE CONSTRUCTIVE. Watch your wording most of all. GRIN has done everything they could to appeal to everyone. I mean they were in these forums just like the rest of us. GRIN knows what they're doing and if its broke, they will fix it. I believe Bo said it best, it was something like........"its not like we haven't done this before"

    To the admins: I don't know how you do it, but thanks for keeping it real....top marks from me........ :thumbsup:

    and now for what should be everyones creed:

    Once again, in the end..... :g_withgrin:



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