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  1. Sorry to hear about your woes but I'm especially glad to hear that you've fixed it as well.............now.....game on...... Fresh
  2. Rocky: Thanks for responding about your video card. I'm really loving GRAW. I also play BF2, Delta Force BHD, and [GR]. I also read that the 7900 version is gonna be out soon. The CPU that I'm upgrading to is identical to yours except mine has a 533 fsb. My other issue is that the card isn't available here in the States. So I'm gonna have to front some extra change to pay for shipping. As for my PSU, I'm gonna have to upgrade mine. I've been doing a lot of research and "under-powering" video cards is a very common underlying issue that rinders the cards performance that many people seem to miss it.......so I've read...... So in closing, once I upgrade my CPU, PSU, max out my memory to 2gb, and maybe upgrade my sound card to something from Creative, that will do it for my rig......and that should hold me over for a few years...... Fresh
  3. Welcome Lionpride, What ever button you used to open the commands, once you scroll to what command you want to give, hit the same button to execute the order. Default button is is the push button on the scroll, but since the 1.10 patch, you can assign any button you want. I hope this helps, let me know Cheers! Fresh
  4. The 7800 seems to be the flavor of choice. Is the 3.06 CPU that I'm gonna install gonna bottleneck that card at all? The game looks so nice with the eye candy ya know. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have to upgrade my PSU as well to run that card.(350w currently) I'll get a hold of Rocky and ask him how that card is working for him. Fresh
  5. Here is a short list: 1. Being able to switch to different Ghosts. (VITAL) Tired of losing guys during a simple fight. 2. Weapon switching through individual keyboard buttons. 3. More "futuristic" weapons......its 2013 after all. 4. Smoke and maybe flashbang grenades. 5. More MP modes.....coming I know. 6. Mod capability.......of course Fresh
  6. I'm in the process of upgrading my system from my current P4 2.0gb @ 400fsb to a P4 3.06gb with HT at 533fsb. My motherboard is capable of this upgrade, I've done all the research. My current video card is a EVGA 128mb AGP 6800 (specs in my sig) I'd like to upgrade my video card to a 256mb or a 512mb AGP card. Reading around, GRAW at high settings uses 350mb+ in video memory: I also have a widescreen monitor (specs in sig) and need a higher end card anyway to run GRAW in its native resolution. Please advise my in anyway you can. Thanks in advance mates for all your help. Laters! Fresh
  7. SWEETNESS!!!!!!!.................the future looks bright........ Fresh
  8. What motherboard chipset do you have? Is it an Intel 850 or 850E? Note: If your new RDRAM RIMMs are PC1066 Rambus memory, and you mixed them with older PC800 RIMMs, the motherboard will default back to 400FSB. Its a 850E, thats why I'm able to go to the 533 fsb from 400. My memory is all set as well (PC800, 40ns) Fresh
  9. My specs in my sig: Getting about 20-30 FPS in SP. Except fot the first 15 secs of starting a SP mission. Gonna upgrade my CPU to a 3.06 GB with HT at 533 FSB. Should release my CPU bottleneck yeah? Found out my mobo suppports 533 fsb...... Does HT work well with GRAW? What ch'all think? Fresh
  10. You mentioned this before, but remember that P4 CPUs that work with RDRAM motherboards were discontinued almost 2 years ago, and that RDRAM is not easily overclockable. You basically need a new CPU, mobo, and RAM. Both Intel and AMD are refreshing their new-gen CPUs by the end of the year (Core 2 Duo and AM2 CPUs respectively), so I wouldn't buy a new system til the fall. I see you've updated your sig - I assume you bought the 6800? That would be a good match for your current system. You should be able to play GRAW at lower res acceptably. After reading some Dell forums, I can upgrade my CPU from a 2.0 @ 400 fsb to a 3.06 gb at 533 fsb with HT (through a BIOS upgrade). My mobo supports 400 fsb and 533 fsb. My installed memory (1.5 gb currently, can max it to 2.0 gb) supports both 400 fsb and 533 fsb as well. I can get the CPU for $100 through some connections I have. What do you think about this upgrade? I can't really afford to build a new computer right now, I've got a 4 month old little boy.... I hope this CPU upgrade will help me out. Please let me know. Laters! Fresh
  11. Fresh, you have a 2GHz machine, and it is NOT worth it to upgrade to a 7800GS AGP as the card is TOO fast for your system. I.e. the card will be limited by your CPU which will be the bottleneck. You have at least a 3 year old system. If you seriously want to play GRAW at higher settings, you need to upgrade your CPU. Like Crimson said, if you want to play with the big boys, you have to pay I have almost the same system as you but with P4 2.5GHz/1GB RDRAM running a 9800Pro. I wouldn't spend any more to upgrade your current machine. After reading everyones posts, I can max out my CPU to a 2.8, and from what I read, OC it to 3.0 safely. Think I should give that a go....... Fresh
  12. Everyone alright? I need your help. I'm upgrading to a 512 MB AGP video card. The 3 listed are just under $200 at Newegg.com. My computer specs are in my sig. Heres what I know: 1. The x1600 is the lowest ATI card that GRAW supports. 2. All vid cards need at least a 300w PSU--COVERED. 3. Only have used NVIDIA. Heres what I need to know: 1. How much can I overclock and or tweak these cards? 2. Are these cards fine as is? 3. Is there a better 512 MB video card out there around my price range? 4. Is there a better price elsewhere for these cards? 5. Unsure about the difference in pipeline amount. 6. Unsure about the difference in memory interface "bit" amount. Here are my card options: SAPPHIRE Radeon X1600PRO 512MB 128-bit GDDR2 AGP 4X/8X Video Card ($138 at Newegg.com) Pixel Pipelines: 12 Core clock: n/a Memory Clock: n/a Memory Size: 512 MB Memory Interface: 128-bit Memory Type: GDDR2 RAMDAC: 400 mhz DirectX: DirectX 9 OpenGL: OpenGL 2.0 ASUS Geforce 6800 512MB 128-bit GDDR2 AGP 4X/8X Video Card ($173 at Newegg.com) Pixel Pipelines: 12 Core clock: 325 mhz Memory Clock: 540 mhz Memory Size: 512 MB Memory Interface: 128-bit Memory Type: GDDR2 RAMDAC: 400 mhz DirectX: DirectX 9 OpenGL: OpenGL 1.5 BIOSTAR Geforce 6800XT 512MB 256-bit GDDR2 AGP 4X/8X Video Card ($150 at Newegg.com) Pixel Pipelines: 8 Core clock: 325 mhz Memory Clock: 700 mhz Memory Size: 512 MB Memory Interface: 256-bit Memory Type: GDDR2 RAMDAC: 400 mhz DirectX: DirectX 9 OpenGL: OpenGL 2.0 I thank you all in advance for all you help. Please feel free to direct me to or away from there cards. Cheers! Fresh.....
  13. Thanks for all the info. I have the MX400 mouse and I don't seem to have the "advanced gaming" section like you have. Definately don't have the 1a. "select program" section either. The versions of Setpoint are the same for all the mice. I guess I'll have to stick to the keystoke assignment option. FYI: I have Setpoint version 2.60 Thanks for all your help, Fresh
  14. Sorry to keep nagging, I'm at work and not in front of the mouse. Once I add GRAW.exe, does the software recognize all the keys in the game or must I enter them EXACTLY as the game has them in the software? I'm sure this is easier than I'm thinking..... Fresh
  15. I have Setpoint as well. I'll have to look a little closer at that on how to remap GRAW. My left/right wheel tilt doesn't register on GRAW. That's my main issue. What will you have Fresh
  16. I'm starting to try and remap some of my advanced mouse keys. I have a Logitech MX400 mouse and have an additional 4 buttons. They're a up and a down key and the side to side scroll wheel keys. Does anyone know what these would be named as well (MOUSE 0, MOUSE 1, MOUSE 2....etc.) Any and all help would be great. I'm sure I'm not the only one with a gaming mouse out there. Maybe I'll buy everyone a drink later....... Laters! Fresh
  17. The voice issues is intermittant. I have a old Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card. I probably should upgrade my card to something from Creative. Cheers! Fresh
  18. I haven't read anything about this but I get intermittant "chipmunk" voices from cross-com people only. Has any one had this? Any suggestions on how to fix it? Cheers! Fresh
  19. Here are some of my wishes: 1. Change weapons with keyboard keys 2. More "futuristic" weapons 3. More MP modes 4. More weapon options 5. More mouse "button map" options 6. A training mode Laters! Fresh........
  20. Well, I found this over at GR.com. I wonder how far we can take this. I would personally like to move my crouch/prone settings to the up/down mouse wheel. I will have to play around with it but, I would like to use my left/right wheel clicks for peeking.....we'll see. Give it a go at the following link........LINK Cheers! Fresh
  21. I'm gone 2 days and I come back here and there is a patch already. Fantastic work GRIN, I hope you all had a great vacation........thanks for the patch so soon. Drinks all around Cheers! Fresh
  22. Hey mate, you're not alone. Many, many people are reporting the same issues. The general attitude is play around with your settings but mainly, all of us are waiting for the "all important patch" due in June before we upgrade anything. Good luck, Fresh
  23. Couldn't have said it any better.......well done......... Fresh
  24. The games been out a week mates....give it time. When the initial FIRST patch comes out, then we'll see..... One thing I have noticed so far is: FOV in MP= ........no good I hope everyone hasn't got the "too much info before the release" syndrome.....as I call it. Also known as "Online media burnout". It happened to me when I was looking up everything and anything before the movie: Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones came out. It ruined the movie for me....I hated it...... Keep it in mind......... Cheers! Fresh
  25. Do you mean turn it off or uninstall it completely......? Fresh
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