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  1. Call me a skeptic, but until I see true WS / FOV working in the game, I'm going to doubt it. At some point we will be able to see screen shots and I hope the fix is in... believe me. I think a lot of people would actually make sure they DON'T buy this game if GRiN hoses up WS support.


    Good point, good point...... :thumbsup:



  2. According to the comparison chart, voice chat is available now with GRAW 2? I thought that GRIN wanted to use 3rd party apps only.


    Can someone shed some light on this. I'm guessing that this feature is similar to the voice options in Rainbow Six: Raven Shield.



    [Mod edit: Please link to files larger than as specified in the rules.

  3. I have absolutely ZERO problems playing on my WS monitor. I played 3+ hours the first night without so much as a burp.

    Hey mate, can you throw us your resolution and in game settings please..... :thumbsup:



    To put everyone's mind to rest!



    Personally, I never doubted GRIN a bit.......I knew that would do a proper job this time. Now that they have more say this time that is..... :thumbsup:



  4. Those articles were from back in late January, nothing new there that I see :)

    I was simply pointing out those facts on the PS3 platform... I wasn't intending to draw comparisons to the PC version.

    I think my research this morning into release dates from retail and online vendors point pretty strongly toward a June PC release without any further support required.


    Callsign 3Point

    I see the GRIN boys lurking in this topic.......care to comment?????....... :hmm:


  5. Hello mates,

    I just finished the game, and only had issues with the game during this mission only. That's why I'm thinking that it's fron the 1.16 patch.

    Some spoilers so beware

    1. Half way through the 3rd mission, Kirkland repeats "Reloading" every 5 seconds. Until either he: gets killed or when he's moving. When he reaches his destination, he continues repeating. This lasts the entire misson................ :blink:

    2. While my team catches up General "bad-guy", his helicopter takes off, I personally shot it down with my ZEUS rocket. Game Over right, well it should be. This is a missed bug that needs to be fixed.



  6. Desmond Tutu

    And here's another interesting fact:

    The British lower second-class honors undergraduate degree, a '2:2', is colloquially known as a "Desmond" in his honor because it is pronounced the same as his last name – see British undergraduate degree classification

    Haha, correctamundo! :clapping:

    "Tutu" is the one I've been referring to. My responses to PM's have been signed desmond 'tutu' rather than desmond22, to "slip" the truth a little - so some must have known for quite some time. :P

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the light goes on upstairs......... :rolleyes:

    See.........ya learn something new everyday.......... :grin1:

    Fresh.............. :g_withgrin:

  7. Everyone, please be patient with this game. It has a HUGE amounts of potential.

    The GRIN support has been top notch so far. 2 patches already and a main one in June. They will be adding: more MP modes, adding AA, modding options, and server options.

    People, they are listening, thay have all along. I mean the developers we're in these forums interacting with all of us, that's unheard of I think.

    GRAW is definately a TACTICAL game, there is nothing "arcade-like" about it. If it looked or played anything like a "console" version, no "die-hard" PC gamer/[GR] fan would buy it.

    The mods and expansion packs will come........HAVE PATIENCE!!!!!!! I'm sure Alpha Squad is already hard at work. As highly respected as they are regarding their GR mods, show some due respect and throw them a bone like any true GR fan has already done in the past. I know I did.......... :)

    I really hope no one here has got the "too much info before the release" syndrome. I got it by looking up everything and anything on the internet regarding Star Wars 2: Attack of the Clones. I HATED THE MOVIE! Knowing this, I backed off knowing everything that there is to know about GRAW. The result: I LOVE THIS GAME.

    Playing [GR] forever, GRAW is a fantastic upgrade to GR. Of course it has flaws, of course there are things I don't like about it, and of course things are different from [GR]. I assure you, if this game was exactly like [GR], it would be a horrible disaster.

    In closing, [GR] took some time to again a following. GRAW will get there as well..........if...........everyone has patience......... :g_withgrin:

    See y'all in Mexico City,


  8. Your mouse lag probably has to do with low in-game video FPS. Here is a quote from the "Identified Issues / Solutions / FAQ" topic.....found here

    "5. Poor performance, low FPS and choppy play

    The "smooth mouse" like issue appears if your framerate is too low."

    We need to start there first. Do you have FRAPS so you can check your FPS in-game?

    I'm sure we can figure out your problem.

    Here is a search I did with the topic of "mouse lag" under the "Tech Support" ..........here Hope you can find some answers there.



  9. If I had solely bought it for GRAW I would be disapointed, to be honest. Reason being this is a damn expensive card, and to buy it on the strength of one game is a bit risky, and with GRAW you could debate whether the results justify the cost. Although GRAW looks great, explosions, smoke and fire/haze etc is the best I have seen in a game, I only average about 30FPS. That's (just) playable frames, but it is less than I would have hoped for from the most expensive AGP video card on the market.

    I really hope something in the June patch fixes this issue.......you should be running high FPS, especially when you rig is above recommended specs.


  10. You dont need to equip yourself with it, it's already there for you to activate and run away

    FYI, don't forget to take your team with you when your hauling -$$ out of the bunker, could ruin your teams day it they're in the bunker with you............. :thumbsup: You have about 15 secs to get clear.........to time for skipping..... :blink:

    Fresh............ :g_withgrin:

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