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  1. Hey mates,

    What kind of M14 customization is available for scopes in MP? I know you can have a sniper scope in Sniper class, but I'm concerned with whatever class offers the M14 with a ACOG scope if at all. Also, how many zooms are available for any sniper scope? Normally, you right click to zoom, then right click again to un-zoom.

    One other question: How do you give any particular weapon a silencer or not?



  2. Hey mates,

    When you initially start the game, the minimum specs page comes up. I have all green checkmarks but my question is that my video card memory said 512.

    I have a 1gb Nvidia 7950 GX2 card which is 2 cards together using my only PCI-e slot on my Dell XPS 410 motherboard. As I understand it, it still is considered a SLI board right? I looked in my Nvidia settings and SLI is checked.

    I have 2 questions:

    1. Shouldn't the spec page read 1gb instead of 512 for video memory?

    2. Is there a way to check my video cards status while playing the game to verify that both 512 sides on my card are running and at what ammount of memory is being used on each card? I want to do this to one verify that both sides of my card are working and two, how much video memory is actually being used in-game.

    Thanks a ton in advance and see ya on MP soon........ :thumbsup:



  3. I just read the manual, and there isn't even a mention of TeamSpeak..... :unsure: Except the need of a headset on the system requirements page.

    I figured that in the server lobby, TS IP's would be set up so all you had to do is click a button. Or worse case lower GRAW2 and fire up you TS and enter the info...... :thumbsup:

    If this isn't the case, put it into a patch, I'm cool with that... :)



  4. The SP demo a week before the release........Nice!!!!

    It figures that I gotta be at work.... :wall: Sounds like the demo is getting awesome reviews. This is great news!!!!

    So mates the $20 question: Is it comparable to [GR]?



    GRiN, I'm taking time out from the SP Demo to come on here and congratulate you all on a job well done, Now this is what GRAW should have been, but I'm more than happy with the results this time so cheers for all the hard work that has obviously been poured into the sequel. :thumbsup:

    Can't wait till next week for the full game, if this really is a sample of whats to come.

    Looks good, Runs great and sounds fantastic.


    It obvious to me, based on the reviews, that GRIN had a lot more control over this game......and this is a great thing... w00t



  5. Here's my take on the demo so far.

    My computer specs below. Running about average 60-70 FPS. (40-120 range)


    --Excellent graphics, running silky smooth.


    --Excellent audio.

    --Loving the weapon sounds.

    --Awesome grenade sounds.

    --I'm sure the walking/running equipt noise is legit but aren't these guys the "ghosts"?

    --Some of the movement sounds like the same audio and when you draw a pistol in GRAW 1; it keeps faking me out...... :blink:


    --Have only been playing TDM. Having a lot of fun killing and getting killed..... :rolleyes:

    --Just a touch too much recoil. If these guys are the "ghosts", I think that they should be able to hold the weapon a lot steadier in the "standing" position. And definately less recoil in the "crouch" position.

    --The walking is a touch too slow to me, but I can tolerate it...... :)

    --Why can't you jump right into the game as soon as you get into the lobby.

    --I had a audio issue which I fixed by rebooting the computer.

    I personally feel now that GRIN has more control on how the game turns out and it shows here. THe fun is back for Ghost Recon!!! I'm DEFINATELY buying this game.



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