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  1. progress report: nothing new really.. I have been too busy lately to really get involved with this. Just some camofaces
  2. Tilliboy those skins look awesome. And I will try that trick you mentioned as soon as I get home. Thanks in advance..
  3. no nothing to do with behaviours, they are fine. Only the model is changed..hitpoints, behaviours etc are intacted. Its just that damn shiny problem. I have tried everything, even editing those bump maps. Nothing seems to work
  4. Hi, just couple of images. First one is almost ready force recon 1.5 skin and second one is from green berets skin, (if I ever get it work nicely )
  5. Here is a little preview pic of updated recon force skin. I will add a lot more details to it so this is just a sneak peak.
  6. Thank you for you feedback Ravager. Im working on updated version of this skin. In the new version the boots will be much darker, there will be more nice little details and also there will be marine armpatch.
  7. It seems that there is no problem when you edit allies or MP mexican skins. I get those shiny skins with sniper and rebel rifleman models. I dont know about other enemy models..havent had time to test yet
  8. JTF-2, you can easily replace the ghost models with any other model from the game by tweaking "u_teammates XML document". The document is in \Data\units\beings folder. When you open the dokument there is line that says : <unit type="being" name="teammate_brown" slot="2"> <model file="/beings/ghost_brown/ghost_brown.xml"/> You can change the model file to anything you want, for example: <model file="/beings/mexican_sf_marksman/mexican_sf_marksman.xml"/> Now your teammate Brown looks like mexican sniper. The only problem is that when you try to tweak the model in photoshop and then save..the model is too shiny. I have tried to save it Interpolated Alpha -format --->still shiny as plastic. I really would need some help with this problem
  9. I wanted to use the game's enemy models for my ghost and then adjust them a bit in photoshop. Here is first pic..nothing done yet for the model
  10. In picture some marines wear desertcamo boots...well no big deal because you can easily modify the skin with photoshop download link for skin: http://www.badongo.com/file/708661
  11. its finally ready.. Do you guys know any good sites where I can upload my skin?
  12. Thank you guys for your positive feedback. I was on holiday this weekend so I apologise for not answering your questions. I will upload the skin as soon as I get it right. For now I'm bit unhappy with the camo texture..it looks a bit blurry when you look it very close. I'm working on it. Here are some screenshot without the lizzardcamopaint for you Scubaman And for bugkill..I just downloaded the camopattern. Just google it..
  13. I tried different kinds skull patches for my ghosts. This is one of them. Please feel free to share your thoughts. (more to come...)
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