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  1. Nah, Im good till March 7th. ← Isn't it March 9th? I'm completed confused right now ← It ships the 7th, as do all games in America, and it will be in most places by the 8th, and basically everywhere by the 9th, no one will actually get it the 7th im pretty sure.
  2. Hey, is there a M4 in GR:AW? Im hoping so, because that is pretty much my favorit guns, but i havnt seen it in any videos. Thx
  3. how can you say that with no PC specific footage to compare the 360 to? pure console players, you have no clue what you are talking about... ← http://ghostrecon.com/us/ghostrecon3/seemore_pc.php I think its safe to say the x360 version looks better than the PC version when it comes to screenshots atleast, the walls in the PC version look so horrible on some pics.
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