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  1. Hi there I have noticed alot of animated sigs which look really cool whilst browsing this forum , I was wondering how you get these ....do you design them yourselves ....any info. would be welcome Cheers.
  2. Hey there troops, I have looked on the PC forum and having played PC online stuff its cool to be able to capture in game screenshots,I was wondering wether this possible to do on the XB version of the game through XBOX Live? Any comments?
  3. Hi there Chiko, Seems you are having ome trouble! Which version do have XB PS2 or GC ,I have the XB version,I would be happy to give you a little help if you need it regarding how to use your joypad to set up team way points on the map etc. I can imagine it would be a nightmare doing anything if you dont really know what your doing. get back if you need any help.
  4. Hi there I was wondering how the ranks that we all have increase I am currently a recruit 3 though some peopl hav scout etc. What is this rank based on and how does it increase?
  5. If a soldier is wounded on a mission but survives then on the nxt mission when you want to assign your men it will say that the they are injured/wounded ....i was wondering if you leaeve them out of the roster for a few missions do they recover?...surely this would be the logical thing right? Can someone throw some light on this ? Cheers
  6. I have only been playing the game for a day or so (so excuse my ignorance!) on the Xbox and I have a question .When ordering the team that you are on at that specific time to a way point they wont go ,even if you bring up the 'plan both teams 'tab. The other team will go off to their waypoint but my team will not move unless I move or switch to a member of the other team.is it not possible to give orders to all NPCs and be able to do my own thing ,without the other guys on the team that I am on at that point following me wherever I go Maybe Im being obtuse and not getting something. Advice anyone?
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