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  1. Nice post! As a former member of the TCZ ala RVS and GR1, this game has what it takes to be a great laddering FPS. What the community needs now is players / clans! IF you like true MP action and loved Rogue Spear, RVS and GR1, you will enjoy GRAW 2!!!
  2. Sad to say this, but you appear to be in the majority of the MP crowd. At best there are about 100-150 players online Fri/ Sat nights. BDA has a great server as does Core and a few others but that's it. Far from the days of RVS *sigh*. I recall that GR (original) took some time to take off. I hope the same happens here as I do think the MP action is strong, great weapon recoil, great sound, great maps, etc...(I could do w/out the class element for weapons-but that is a small gripe) This game has great potential to be a strong laddering game. But after Letdown, GR2 (that never came) GRAW 1 and the XBOX pc version of Vegas the damage has clearly been done t o the brand. And that is a shame b/c GRAW 2 (MP) is a return to the roots of a once great franchise.
  3. I hope the MP action and clan laddering does take off. So far, only BDA seems to have clan pick up action going on. I live in CA and so far I've seen max about 150 people online around 10 p.m.
  4. Where did you Pre-order from? I am going to do so, in hopes of getting the game a few days early. Where do you recommend pre-ordering from? thanks, R_45
  5. The gun dropping is a great idea. It would represent the impact of RL using the current code... Good thinking!
  6. With a little under two weeks until the release date, I've seen nothing that would indicate the game has gone gold? Anyone with a little bird care to share? Happy 4th to All my fellow country men and to those who serve! Semper Fi, Romulus_45
  7. But Ducky, you're such a good player and a great sniper that taking you down is well worth the wait, to see it or do it!!! Semper Fi, Romulus
  8. Stout, I agree, the RvA is well done and it seems to be geared at laddering...a little over two weeks and it's here!!! Do you play under your name "Irish Stout" on line as well. Semper Fi, R_45
  9. The laddering is going to be fanfukntastic! My old clan, the Llamas [86] Bohica have been slow to regroup...pitty. Regardless, do you guys think that (1) TWL (and the like) etc., will allow for rules that bring modes like Seige and HamHill and RvA (which to my suprise, I like) in to the fray and (2) do Clans have an interest in playing these game types, or will it be more based in TDM one shot one Kill and or variations thereof (i.e. 2-3 spawns)? Semper Fi, R_45
  10. I have a buddy who has the latest Mac Parralle (yeah too bad I know) His system meets the requirements but he keeps gettin this error onloading Crash In application29276.2474 Failed settin up render device Render Normal... any ideas, thanks
  11. You won't get your Sp demo. But, the MP demo is fantastic. This game's PC sales will move like hotcakes!!!
  12. Did you try them? give some info, love to hear the rules...
  13. Recoil is perfect. As a former Marine, the Saw is spot on. But you're right, in the prone you should get the most stability.
  14. ONE SHOT ONE KILL ? needs fixin' I understand that our 'ghosts' have the best armour, aka Dragon Skin. But I have seen a great deal of players take full blasts from the SAW and their progress is not even slowed! RVS did this well for those who remember; you got hit, you knew it, and so did the other guy... If you're gonna keep the kill zones as they are, and require at least 5 rounds to take someone down, then please, at least introduce some type of graphics that slows/alters the player's progess when they are hit. Even if, for argument's sake, the armor was good enough to stop the rounds it does presently, the person taking the hits would not be able to continue in their direction unaltered. Please fix. Gotta say, really looking forward to the release, the RvA is a blast and it's done well. The sound is great, the recoil is spot on, just fix the hits and it's f'n great! (oh and more eye relief on the MP-5, to allow for better target view, as in RL) [Merged with existing thread where there is already a discussion on this]
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