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  1. Im sorry man, i just cannot stand the ignorance of some people, its rediculous!!!
  2. Yes, but now i believe the roll isnt when you hit the left joystick drasticly, it involves another button so u can crawl side to side faster. OPSIX, I know exactly what you mean on the Ubi forums. I cannot believe how negative the people are over there. My name in those forums is RX Camaroguy579. You've probly seen me scolding the morons who are only bashing the game for small circumstances when they havent even played it yet.
  3. The most ignorant post to date........
  4. This thread was for praising UBI, not whining about a issue that has long since past. Thanks again Ubi for making a great franchise.
  5. Are you a fan of the GR franchise? I dont remember them ever having this option, so whats so different?
  6. They only said its going to be released on the 9th because that is the day that everyone should have it. Most stores should have it on the 8th, at least thats what my EB games is sayin.
  7. People will find anything and everything to gripe about. boo freakin hoo.
  8. so no southpaw option= terrible game? go away
  9. Well all i have seen is people whining about no demo and blah blah. No offense meant by it.....
  10. Because videogames were out when you were just in liquid form.
  11. Boohoo, another negative thread. If you are buying this game soley for the CO-Op, then you are selling yourself waaay short.
  12. Yea i gave up on a demo. O well, just have to wait 4 more days
  13. I dont understand how you have it. Do you work for UBI or something(sorry i didnt read all the posts yet) And most stores will have the game on the 8th(next wednesday)
  14. Do you own a mad catz turbo controller? just asking
  15. I made a post almost exactly like that in the Ubi forums lol. Good job Jon
  16. I hope tonight is the night. I am tired of going to all the different sites forums looking for info lol. Why cant the game come out now aahhhhhhhhhhh
  17. He who hesitates......umm...umm..... ← Microsoft?
  18. Actually I'm going to download the 720p version and I'm NOT going to tell people what to do. ← Wow man, you guys are really sentimental, i was just trying to help people out in not downloading a 720 p trailer when you could download it in 5 min in 480p. Calm down, people get too offensive really easily.
  19. Yea i think you are right. I think it will come out after the games release. Kinda BS that they would make all the hype about a demo and not produce it. And DO NOT download the 720p version, takes to long, just download the 420.
  20. NO DEMO first of all. go to the marketplace, select demos and trailers, and there is 2 GRAW Developer Diaries.
  21. I take the above quote to mean that OTS view does not allow you to use camera angles to view over or around objects anymore, which if true, is good news indeed. ← FONZ - I was playing with Chaotic last night and he confirmed that when you are behind an object the OTS closes down and you can not see over it and the side peeking is limited as well. ← cool thanks for the pics and vid links wingshot, yeah that pretty much out it was. also if you look at the vid, you will see that ots view is now a bit lower and closer. a lil bit. The big thing you see in the video is how everyone was just running around gunnin, so it was hard to try out alot of things. ← Yea the original GR gamers like myself will like the fact that now you cant hide and look, you actually have to look to look!!
  22. I know you were playing LAN so you couldnt tell, but on xbox Live there has always been lag on the GR2 games, and i mean bullet lag(you shoot then a second later the bullet hits) and lag dancing(people using both joysticks rapidly creating lag so hard to shoot). My question is has any of the UBI guys said anything about this issue, because it has been brought up a lot in many different threads. Also, when you run, does it feel like you are running as fast as the previous games? One more, the sliding. I know in the SP you can slide on knees or slide going prone, can this be done in the MP? Thanks for all the info by the way. I hope to see a GRAW demo on my xbox live marketplace within the next few days.
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