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  1. Notice how they are labeled 1-1 1-2 1-3 1-4?

    That means chapter one. So there is going to be downloadable content in the future sometime for chapter 2. I unlocked all the achievements for them along with the one about doing all the side missions for them too, pretty cool.

    The SP is in Mexico City, whereas the CO-OP is in Nicaragua taking place at the same time Cpt. Mitchell and the Ghosts are saving the world again. Pay attention to the text in the loading screens on the CO-OP, you'll see what i am talkin about.

  2. About the trigger lag, thats not lag. Mitchell has to be in a firing position to fire, if he his too close to an object or just got done running he wont fire until in the firing position.

    SP: On the Castle mission where you are by yourself(the mission where you must run from the Chopper near the end). Try crawling on the brick walkway around where the scramblers are, and all the way around the entire place for that matter. Mitchell floats to a stance and has his arms out in the 'cruicify' position. People who played the Rainbow Six games might understand, same thing happened at the beginning of each round.

    MP: NO LAG IS AWESOME. The bullet lag is significantly different from GR2. Wonderful!

    Problem 1: As was stated before, when in a private room your friends cant join off you unless invited or until they can join someone else in the room.

    Problem 2: People join rooms and can be heard but cant hear anyone else, or visa versa.

    Solution: Restart your Xbox 360, works everytime. Cant tell you how many times i have had to type through the messaging system to people. But this would be a good thing to fix with the next patch.

    Thanks for reading! Hope this helps this AMAZINGLY brilliant game.

  3. Me and some of my buddies definetly played for over 8 hours, and never recieved the achievement. We didnt stay on just to get the achievement, it just happened that we played for 8 hours lol. And yes we did stay in the MP area of the game. So i dont understand how this is supposed to be unlocked.

    Anyone been able to get it yet?

  4. After all of our rants and raves, today is the day. Our Ghost Recon Christmas is here folks. After counting down the weeks, days, minutes and seconds(yes minutes and seconds), we can finally make sure our 360 controllers are fully charged, because i think a lot of us on this site might just get that 8 hours straight of multiplayer achievement!!

    Only 3 more hours till i get mine!!

    Hope to see all of you on the battlefield(and at the end of my scope).

  5. Chess you are or used to be a team compete guy right?

    Yea used to be. Im the captain of 8 Deadly Venoms. Right now we're going to be playing on Epic Ladders and GB. RX is on EC right? Yea we used to be on EC until Tigrlily (aka JohhnaM) banned our whole team because I booted her out of my server, it wasn't intentional towards her as an EC admin, she came in the room in the middle of an argument and without Identifyingg herself she started telling everyone to be quiet...well, us being new to EC we had no clue 1) she was an admin and 2) it was Tigrlily, I used to play with her and her husband back on [GR] alot. It was a big misunderstanding but Andy ended up coming in the room so our ban was imminent...lol

    Yes EC is very picky about things. Dont ###### em off.

    Yea RX is on EC. We were the Summit Strike Siege Season 1 champs.

    Hopefully season 2 champs here in the next few weeks, although its gonna show some true dedication for me to play that game when GRAW is out haha.

  6. Well i have the Ubi architect that works in the San Fran location on my friends list, and he said there is a street date on the game so the stores cant sell till the 8th. A guy that works with him got suspended for giving out early copies and the people he gave em too went online with it and it traced back to him lol.

  7. This whole thing is why i never preorder from an online site, i like to go get the thing myself.

    All of the stores i have called (Ebgames, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Gamestop) they all said Wednesday the 8th. If it is not in my EB where i preordered in December, i will be P.O.(guess this real term for these abbreviations is a curse word lol). Ubi, you guys know how much this game is anticipated, theres no excuse for not supplying. Now i say that only if the stores dont have it tommorow.

    If i get mine tommorow, i wish you guys the best of luck with your copy.lol

  8. Thanks for the reply to my previous message Killer.

    Alot of those people that have it on the mygamercard.net page are probly reviewers and such.

    Only one more day...........

  9. The music is going to be different than anything we have seen yet in the GR series. They had like a 32 piece orcestra make music that pertains to certain situations in the game, gives you that big time movie feel.

    Also, dont listen to what reviews say, that is only the person who played its opinion. Make your own review. As we have found out in the ubi forums, people dont agree all too often......

  10. Man are we dedicated GR fans or what. We are willing to sit at a computer and watch some lucky dude play the game that we are o so close to getting.

    I must confess though, i havent really been watching too much, i cant stand the choppiness, i like a good live stream goin. Great stuff though.

    About everyones talk about the Red Diamonds: I'll probly only use them for shooting enemies through solid objects with the .50 cal sniper rifle.

    Killer Boo: Since there was much confusion before, can you confirm that there is the ability to lean, and there is the ability to roll while prone, both in the multiplayer?

    Can you do the knee slide and/or the belly slide in MP like we have seen in the videos for SP?


    RX CaMaRoGuY

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