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  1. He is kinda right though. I mean i bought it too, but that stuff coulda been in the game already. and a 1200 point cost is ridiculous. but then again, so are gas prices...
  2. some stuff to get ready for the xbox live vision camera. nothing with GRAW. but hopefully the new content has some patches...
  3. i was at 26% for a loooooooong time as well. then it said it couldnt download. so i tried again and it keep doing the same thing over and over. Look like ill have to wait till 3am
  4. I was at 27%, then it said the download could not be completed. So when i try to do it again, it starts at 1% then says the same thing. I spent 3 HOURS waiting, and now it cant be completed? Way to plan ahead Ubi and microsoft, maybe you shoulda bought some more servers before releasing!!
  5. C'mon guys, we have all been around UBI long enough to know what that means! It means we will have NO CLUE of when it will be out until its actually on the marketplace!!
  6. Good: Graphics, same awesome mulitplayer as in all the GRs. BAD: The sensitivity of the X axis. Guy comes running around the corner on you and you try to turn and shoot but its so slow you cant turn quick enough, zoomed in or out. BAD: Wheres my scoreboard to tell me whos alive, whos dead, who has the kills etc. during the game? The after action is lacking the main stats like accuracy and who killed who. The 10 maps are getting old. Still good though. Dont get me wrong, i love the game, just some of the negatives can be fixed, and they have yet to be.
  7. Before any content comes out, a patch to fix the voice problem should come out. That is soo anoying, along with not being able to mute people. Server drop issues should be addressed as well. Silent sniper, where's my silenced sniper?!!
  8. Sounds like you have already beaten it previously without knowing it. I am finished with all of the co-op stuff, including the perfect chapter. So make sure you have done absolutley every objective and side objective.
  9. How stupid. You just sold the best gaming console that has ever been made. Can that be argued? PC gamers are going to spend soooo much more money; different cards, mouses, controllers, processors etc. Just because you didn't care for the 360 version of GRAW, you sold the ENTIRE system? Guess no more games are coming out for the 360. Why didnt someone tell me or i would have sold mine too!!!!!!
  10. I still love GRAW, but I guess i you guys are kinda right. I still hop on and play with my buddies, but after beating the SP on hard and normal, and playing for hours in MP, it gets boring. THE MAIN REASON the MP doesnt grab my interest much anymore is all of the problems. The voice glitch is a HUGE problem. That is something that should have never happened. Xbox live's main purpose is to TALK to each other. Especially in a mainly Squad based game. Guess the game testers let this one slip. The ranked room thing should not have to be glitched in order to keep it open with your buddies. How are you supposed to progress well with a bunch of guys that you do not know? The dropping issue is big too, people and/or rooms are always dropping. A patch needs to come out, and fast. Plus, after playing a game like oblivion, every other game seems obsolete, no matter the genre. That game blows your freakin mind.
  11. Put that $50 you would spend on GRAW xbox and save up for a 360. Thats all I will say.
  12. Too bad, i beat GRAW on hard and normal, great game. But, Oblivion is going to take soooooooooo long to beat lol. I know i wont have enough time to finish it, i got school and a job ya know!
  13. Whats ignorant is posting flaws in this thread when there is already a bug list going with major bugs rather than negative opinions. The SP and MP are so different because to different parts of the world made them.
  14. I dont think it is NAT, because all the person has to do is restart their 360 and the problem is solved. But a patch should come out soon to fix this so no body has to keep doing that.
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