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  1. Thanks guys. It's been so long since I've played this I had forgotten.
  2. Hey all, I recently decided to get back into this game, but I'm having problems with my options.xml file. It seems that regardless of what I change in the options, it won't change resolution settings past 680x420 or whatever. This is rather annoying. It also seems to change my other settings sporadically too. I've tried editing it in game, and in the .xml file. I don't know if this helps or not, but the resolution in the xml file are always red (height, width, etc). Thanks.
  3. My friends and I used to play the hell out of the tournies and campaigns for all of the AS mods. Good stuff.
  4. Holy crap, thanks a lot guys! >Tinker: I'll send you an IM either tonight or next week, I'm going to Ft Sill all weekend so I won't be able to do anything with it until afterwards. I'd love to learn how to mod something like this though. Thanks again.
  5. Hey all. I used to play Ghost Recon pretty heavily back in the day with my friends and then lessened once I got into other games like Op Flashpoint. However, when booting up my ancient laptop the other day I discovered I still had the game installed, though I guess at some point in time I had to delete some mods to make room (laptops HD is only 30gb). Anywho, the mod I've been trying to find was titled "FF150" or something along those lines. It was basically a firefight mod that put a ton of opfor into each mission. Unfortunately, I can't find it online and my friend has long disappeared. Does anyone know what this mod is or where I can find it? I already looked on GR.net and several other places, along with a failed google search. Any help would be much appreciated! -garagula
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