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  1. I have added some error trapping, this is what causes the dialog box to pop up and notify you that the game isn't installed in the default location, and that you should go into Options > Settings to select the game path. If someone feels the need to change the default installation location, they should be able to select the game path that they've installed to. I would go and search the registry, and I may just do that, but I can't right now with my time constraints. Today is day 2 of 6 at work, so after that I will put some more work into the application. I'll also look at adding in a
  2. I believe that the problems that people are running into are due to the fact that the base and exec attributes of the script tag are left blank in the context.xml file that you provided. Not sure why they're blank, as it works fine with my copy. I'm running it on Vista as well and the game is installed in a non-default location, no problems at all. Try entering the following values into the ModLauncher's options screen and exiting the application to ensure that it writes the changes to the file, then verify that the values were written to the context.xml file. Base: data Exec: menu/menu
  3. Thanks for the info on the crash. I'll try and have a look at whats going wrong. Could you possible provide me with your context.xml file so that I can ensure that it is being written properly by the mod launcher? Thank you. And thanks above for explaining why the language is set to the name of the selected mod.
  4. It sounds like the game path has been specified as being blank in the options window. Make sure that in the options window you specify the game path. When you first start the application for the first time, there is no configuration file for the mod launcher, and therefore it should assume the default installation path for GRAW. Try specifying the game path in the options window, clicking apply, and then restarting the application. Let me know if it still poses a problem. With regards to the multiple mods in the local folder... it should work fine as long as you have one mod per folder w
  5. I don't think that is quite accurate. US forces have .50 CAL machine guns mounted on their HUMV's. I'm fairly sure that the record breaking shots made by JTF2 snipers would have used .50 CAL ammunition in order to travel the distance that they did.
  6. Something that I noticed tonight while playing is that shadows absolutely must be fixed. You'll be approaching a corner and you can see the shadow of the enemy through the wall. For example, if you're on one side of a wall and the enemy is on the other side of the wall, one of you is going to see two shaddows, giving someone an unfair advantage. Perhaps this could be addressed in the next patch?
  7. Yes, those filter options are a requirement! Also, its nice to have a favourite list, but are there plans to permit us to enter the IP address of a server for direct connection? True this isn't needed right now, but when the dedicated server components are released, theres likely to be a flood of servers springing up and it'd be far easier to grab an IP address from a friend than to browse through the list looking for the server name. Definately was helpful in CS with all those servers.
  8. Could you post the contents of all the modinfo.xml and context.xml please so that I can debug? Odd that it doesn't work for you.
  9. Can you be more specific as to what error you are getting and when it occurs? I was able to get it to work with multiple folders.
  10. Alright, I'm releasing this a little sooner than I had originally intended. I would have liked to have added a few more options, such as the ability to disable intro movies and what not, however that requires that the bundle file be unpacked, and I'm in need of some sleep. So here it is, ready for download. Basically enables you to run GRAW with any mod that is stored within its own folder under the 'Local' folder. There is a catch however, in order for the mod to be recognized, a small XML file must be placed within the mod folder. Its a simple file that takes two seconds to put together.
  11. Just a quick update on the project. I've had a fair bit of time to work on it today, especially right now early in the morning (shift work sucks for sleep patterns). I've got it functioning right now in such a way that it can modify the context.xml file attributes. It also scans the GRAW Local folder for directories containing modinfo.xml files, parses them, and displays the details for each mod so that you may select which one to use. I haven't gotten around to making the application launch GRAW right now, but I'm sure that it won't be hard to do at all. I'll take some more time tomorrow t
  12. The moddesc.xml file is what I was planning on doing. This way if someone had the game installed using the Italian language, it would not perceive the Italian folder as a mod. I'm also thinking of implementing many of the helpful things that people have found on this board, atleast until the next patch is released. For example, a checkbox to enable the ingame editor which would save the user from making all the required changes.
  13. Good idea, I'll start working on it today.
  14. MadRooster, I was able to find this image as well and was working on a skin with it, but I couldn't scale the texture down properly to the right size. I guess I'm just not patient enough. A good skin for the current maps in GRAW would be the CADPAT AR (Arid Regions), but I haven't been able to find an image of it as you have provided for the CADPAT TW (Temporate Woodlands).
  15. Thanks for the interest in the project. I've got the next few days off for the time being, so I should be able to get something put together in that time. I'll likely start working on it tomorrow night, just got in from some overtime at work and it's 4AM, so I'll need some rest first. Any kind of suggestions for what should be included in this project? Obviously the main purpose is to launch different mods, but perhaps configuring a few script properties such as togling on and off the ability to compile modified XML files? Stuff like that.
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