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  1. oh it's very possible ...bungie set that standard on H2 ...who has killed you the most ...actually all Kills, weapons used and spot shot from... so it's quite easily improved with all the advancements in the machines and methods around today. RSE simply decided the series doesn't need stat tracking and stat tracking just for the sake of it the series defo does NOT need but it does allow you analyse your matches ...specially against clans or mates, with H2 you can easily pick out where that pesky sniper kept dropping you from and which areas of the map you died the most ...it's so well done that while analysing your stats it's like re-living the round all over cos the entire map is layed out and if it was a game you played recently it's all accurately laid out. for shame RSE
  2. well as instructed pause, then hold LT+RT+back button THEN enter the code correctly AND (most important) quickly... while holding down the LT,RT and back. you should hear a confirmation sound.
  3. I'm only about halfway through the SP but from the sound of it you've prolly hit the X button one time too many, you can enable/disable the outlines by holding down the X button and two icons should pop up one shaped like a goggle (night vision) and the other shaped like a diamond, toggle the diamond above (or below) the goggle and your icons should enable/disable. hope this sorts...
  4. don't believe you can dude (change secondary) and to fire the GL I belive you have to switch from ammo to grenade 'mode' by pressing the B button as though you wanted to swith to grenade ...i think...
  5. nice one moonwalker ...cool touches with taking out the doors and wheels of that ride ...showoff!!
  6. far as I can tell only the PC has the compass ...bottom center and so far I haven't seen any kinda of map "top-right" in the console videos I've seen ...only the map you pull up to assign waypoints and drone direction ... wish I could help you out but I don't have the game
  7. hey killer boo you the clip I posted was for SP and it does have the icon bottom left it sort of pops up and hides ...anyway I read somewhere there was defo a lean ...I think one of either LB or RB is held down and then direction ...should be there
  8. here's my clip ...few secs but it's a roll alright >>>roll
  9. This I do agree with, but also I can see how people this it will ruin the game... but trust me it doesn't. There are some things I wish they had 'put back' or inproved on... 1. MP, SP - you can't 'roll' when laying down! this is a little anoying ..... ← Hey man sorry to hear about your lil girl ...hopes she's not doing too bad ...and there I was bashing the F5 on killerboo.com ...a Big get well soon to her. Yeah one thing about the above post ..."you can't roll" I've watched a few clips where at least in SP you could roll while laying down ...there's like an icon next to the stance indicator that's like a single looped circle/arrow thingie and perhaps the action button when that indicator appears executes the roll I'll try and attach a mini clip ...if I could do a .gif but no clue ...but I'm sure it's possible to roll
  10. hmmm ...the friends request start rolling in ...show some dignity
  11. from the looks of it he's got more than one copy ...someone else in his clans playing as well achievement unlocked ...deadly ...if we keep up like this we might get to see the entire game (not good) i need demo ...baaaad
  12. video1 video2 Right click that link and "save target as". Should work for ya. ← all I get is "info.html" in the save target as dialogue?... same for both links... heeelllppp!!
  13. Co-op missions too! It is going soooo slow though. EDIT: Awesome videos! Movies like these make me want this game. ← hey guys ...BigOl ...EasyCo can any of you guys put up a filefront or yousendit or something for those of us who can't d/l the co-op movies please (with sugar on top)
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