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  1. There's no such thing as internal infiltration and please keep the conspiracy theories out of this forum. Remember GRAW 1? The dev team consisted of Grin & Ubi employees. What makes you think it's different this time? In addition, don't you think that Ubi - who has a contract with Grin - is not interessted in observing Grin's progress in order to help them out if it's necessary? A game producer is exactly what the name indicates - a producer. No offense.
  2. Did you miss this part: Obviously, yes! Sorry!
  3. Not very Swedish sounding eh? Nouredine is the french Ubisoft Game Producer. I'm a bit confused since inside all these interviews and press releases it's claimed that the PC version will be more tactical oriented and stuff, but why can't I then give my comrades via "crosscom fullscreen" an order in the PC version while I can do this in the 360 version? O.O
  4. The problems are: The game engines are waaaaaay too different and they also handle data different so: No.
  5. Hmm......the more I think of it, the more I'm sure it would be a nice feature if the game could actually take the time directly from windows and then use this data inside the game, maybe even the local weather data from www.weather.com or so - optional of course! Would certainly create a few nice SP or even MP matches and add a lot of replay value to the game.
  6. It is very a pity. Thanks. You're welcome!
  7. Since the commercials are dynamic textures, I don't think there's a way to replace them!
  8. Yep, I tried it and managed to deactivate the wireframe, but the game unfortunately didn't render any obstacles, NPC's or even textures - only a strange combination of colors inside the crosscom therefor I decided to remove it from the feature list!
  9. ....wrong forum ? Nope. But since the army is going to use HD cameras in 2014, I don't see why the Ghosts should run around with wireframe style displays as part of the crosscom especially not since GRAW want's to provide you with the "soldier of the future" feeling. It's simply illogical. Aiming for more reaslism, is great and highly appreciated but then please keep it constant or make it optional (that would be an even better solution cuz it would be fair for all sides)!
  10. How about a fully colored crosscom instead of the wireframe look, an option to play the game in third person perspective and maybe tactical hand signals like in the 360 version?
  11. How about a dynamic day/night cycle, REAL depth of field effects (the more an object is away the less clearer you see it because it's very blurry and when you zoom into ironsight, everything around the ironsight is blurry because you concentrate your eyes on the ironsight), higher resolution textures, characters with face expressions but most of all different looking highly detailed characters, realtime video crosscom (like in the 360 version), tactical handsignals, optional third-person view, ROE and armpatches (R6 style) support?
  12. yes i did. this is where the installation put it. Do i need to do anything else for it to work beside installing it ?? C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\local\mod You whether need to modify the content.xml file because so it points at the Mod's folder <script base="data" exec="menu/menu" editor="false" language="mod"/> or you can copy the entire content of the mod's folder into your language folder. Both works!
  13. Nope, not yet but at the moment I'm very busy with other stuff (I'm about to move) and there's hardly some time to mod!
  14. Ok, guess I'll then better check the texture a second and third time!
  15. Hmmm could be that my LCD doesn't display some colors right because it didn't look purple here but then again, I haven't heard any comments from someone related to that...strange!
  16. Damn.....I was hoping for the Jackson 5! Why? Because you wouldn't need a helmet anymore!
  17. They are pink? I don't think something is heavier on the computing because the mod deactivates a lot of things, so you should rather see a increase in performance. Yes the skins are a but different but that doesn't mean they are "heavier" than before! No, it wasn't supposed to change the language in the context.xml but yes, I'll include that in the next readme! As stated in the readme they're on defensive mode, which means they will only attack if you order them to attack (via cross com / tactical map) but unless they are detected by enemy forces and get under fire, they won't shoot at all and instead search for the nearest and safest cover (stealth). All of them won't shoot on sight because that would give away their position, but they will return fire if someone attacks them. Are you sure the mod is correctly installed and which difficulty setting are you using?
  18. Wille, he already assigned a cube map to the goggles as you see in this pic: However the problem is, that the "glass" of the goggles is now free floating around instead of where it's supposed to be (inside the goggles) and he's now asking if there is some way to keep the cube map but to also move the "glass" back to it's usual location! He simply wanted to assign a reflection to the goggles but without moving them!
  19. Hmm.....I think it's necessary to assign such an environment map via editing the model itself in 3DSM instead of just editing it's XML file. But I could be wrong about that - I'll play a little around with this setting and then see if I can come up with something!
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