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  1. I just read on another post where the player liked the ability to change the lighting. I remember this was a big deal in early reviews, but I just thought it was part of the single player campaign having the lighting change depending on the time of day. After reading this gamer's post it jogged my memory about having different lighting (morning/afternoon/night) and weather conditions like rain. Is there an option to turn this on/off in the multiplayer modes, because it hasn't jumped out at me (although, I forgot to look for it)?
  2. I was SHOCKED at how short the game was. I played it on the hardest level and it only took 2.5 days of on and off playing to complete it. I loved the heck out of it, but when the credits started rolling I was like "W-T-F? That's it? No way!" The co-op multi player missions are making up for it though.
  3. Yes it is, but that psychology works different at different age groups. At 41 (in Jan) my time with my family and such is worth more than hundreds of hours with a game. If I were a teenager again or single or unemployed with a ton of time on my hands I probably wouldn't think much of this. I've already been given the "stink-eye" and cold shoulder from the wife a few times due to all the time I've spent with this game so far. I would have prefered having the content "unlocked". I like the rank idea being tied to time played/experience instead of ranked games. That is your bragging rights. I'm sure with that will come gamer points which again gives you bragging rights with your buddies. Again, this is different than locked content. If I don't play much and all my buddies are Sergeants or Captains or whatever and I'm in the lobby with my crummy little Private badge then so be it. But, having to run around with simple camo just because I have a different priority just doesn't seem right. I paid the same amount for the game that you did. I'd like to outfit my character as much as anyone else. At least offer an unlock patch in the Marketplace. I know many don't like this, because its more money, but my time is worth that to me. EA did it with the last Tiger Woods golf. I played the hell out of that game in '06 and unlocked everything. I did this, because I enjoy playing the game not because I felt a challenge to unlock content, so when the new one ('07) came out it was more like "been there, done that". I grabbed the unlock patch off marketplace and I was enjoying the ENTIRE game from day one. I still played it as much as I would have if the content was still locked, but I enjoyed it more, because I now had all the clubs, clothing, courses and all that available to me. It was worth it and it left the game locked for those who wanted the challenge of unlocking the content. My bragging rights are my gamer points for levels of completion in the game and owning my buddies when we play.
  4. Ok, my bad too on the % of locked guns. Sure felt like 50%! I know I'm not wrong with the rest of the locked content. I have too played the game quite a bit. I unlocked my Captain rank last night. I'm not trying to debate this. I agree that Rainbow and GRAW are two different sides of a coin and that is why I said "Don't Rainbow Six GRAW2". You all make the same point about the locked content. It gives you absolutely zero advantage, so WHY LOCK IT??? Want a badge of honor???? Then try using your military rank! Keep the rank system like it is, but DON'T TIE LOCKED CONTENT TO IT! I could give a rats azz if I stayed Private 2nd Class forever as long as I had all the content. Forcing me to play hundreds of hours to unlock content is just BS.
  5. My concerns were specific. I think the current cover system in Rainbow Multiplayer is flawed. I agree that it needs to be tweaked to something similar to that listed in the link I provided. There should be a risk to "peeking" out and you should NOT have "full" view around what your hiding behind. GRAW is a third person view, so I already expected a similar cover to that of Rainbow since it already existed in the single player version of GRAW, but hopefully not as flawed. I was just trying to make light of the concerns the Rainbow players had and hoped that the GRAW2 group would look at it for ideas. I like the PEC character generator and hope it's in GRAW2. What I don't like about Rainbow is that 90% off all the head gear doesn't work with a custom character face (vision camera option). You can't even wear the tank top or t-shirt. Aside from a basic set a fatigues EVERYTHING else is LOCKED content. I haven't counted them all, but I'd guess 50% of the guns are locked too. The more "online" games you play and experience points you get for playing and the more you unlock. Now this is NOT "ranked" games. They CAN be ranked, but it's not a must. As you gain experience you gain rank (in the game) and unlock content. This is complete BS. How would you have felt if when you bought GRAW 50% of the guns were "locked" and couldn't be used until you played it 8 hours a for 4 or 5 weeks and even then they weren't all unlocked???? I thought and still feel that this was done to get more player time on Xbox Live. I thought that there was some kind of "pay for play" thing going on. Kinda like what websites do for hits on a site. UBI gets paid $$$$ for X number of hours their games are played or something like that. Then I found this post on the Rainbow site. Please read the whole thing. Massive I'm not terribly concerned with what others are saying about this software, but it somewhat confirms my suspicions as to why they had so much locked content and why you'd have to spend hundreds of hours playing to unlock content that should have been part of the game already. Are they uploading static images to the game (like the AXE ad) and tracking how many players viewed the ad and for how long and then getting advertising $$$$??? I'd rather see a Coke ad or AXE ad than some generic crap , but I don't agree with being forced to play all of these hours to unlock content that should have been available just so they can make even more $$$$. This is what I meant by "Don't Rainbow Six Graw2"!
  6. Gears Of War is a 3rd person "shooter". SHOOTER being the key word. There really aren't any tactics applied. Not in the way GRAW or Rainbow would be used. This guy does a great job of explaining the problems. TPV Problem Here is his propsed fix. TPV FIX
  7. Uh, it wasn't in Multiplayer! I guess I should have clarified that. In Single Player story mode I could care less, but it shouldn't be in Multiplayer. You could not hug up against a wall in Multiplayer. You could only peek around the corner.
  8. Ubi's Rainbow Six Vegas Forum I know that they are two different games and they are being developed by two different divisions, but they are both coming from UBI. I'm not sure if the developers bother to lurk over on the Ubi Rainbow Six forum, but it's quite eye opening. Yes, there they have their share of unwarranted crying, but there are some very well described problems and concerns with that game. Is there any plan to use the "Cover" system or one like it for GRAW2? Is the PEC 2 custom character creator or something similar going to be available? Is there going to be A LOT of "locked" content like Rainbow Six Vegas????
  9. Check out these pics. I was playing GRAW and the drone went into one of it’s mindless swirl modes and wouldn’t respond. I finally got it to respond after a few attempts of calling it. I sat in a crouched position and waited for it. When I stood up I nearly hit my head on it. I sent it up ahead and it went through the rocks and traveled to it’s destination. When I approached it I saw this. Look how low it is!
  10. "WarlikeFlea" Is your Ghost627 or something else?
  11. I'm sorry, but your not making a lot of sense. What is the basis for your statement: "Too many people are not buying the present DLC. " ???? Based on what...gut feeling? Comments by the trolls here? EVERYONE I know that plays online has bought the DLC. EVERYONE! There isn't a room I've been in that didn't have it. PERIOD! You also state: "The current DLC divided the community in half and prevented many from playing with their friends." But, then go on to say: 1. Not everyone has Live to buy the DLC in the first place. 2. Those who do may not have the Gold membership to play online. If you don't have LIVE you weren't playing online anyway and therefor these players could not have been divided from any group, because they were never there to begin with. If you don't have a gold membership then again, you weren't online anyway. I think some of you guys just aren't happy unless you're complaining.
  12. Sorry....my crying towel is dirty right now or I'd offer it to you whining cry babies! $15???? I spend more than that on beer and condoms in a week. I can't say that this would be more enjoyable than the beer and condoms, but it will sure last longer!
  13. I agree whole heartedly with the more and bigger maps. I'd also like to see some Sniper perches in some areas. I rarely play a Marksman unless I'm with a bigger team, but I'm disappointed that there aren't any good Sniper spots. It would be nice to climb up a series of rocks or a ladder to a roof and get a great vantage point from above. Why have Marksmen without the occasional perch?
  14. Cool vid! I really liked seeing how someone else played the game. I learned a couple things. I think I got killed about a dozen times before I figured out my strategy. A few times the VIP got killed. He'd stand right out in plain view and got plugged. This is a cool mission, because the firefight is pretty intense and for some of my buddies here at work (watching the vid) they felt like they were really there.
  15. Got it! I'm not sure what I was doing wrong. Maybe I was too close to the vehicle. I've been able to strike all these vehicles from the tactical map and giving the command from the game screen. I really don't know what I was doing wrong before, but it's good to blow stuff up now!
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