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  1. Crappy nasty tearing in the final release version. Am I back playing on a crappy PC again?! WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY?!!!!!!!! It completely ruins the illusoin of reality for me. It makes me feel like I have a piece of dirt in my eye and I am constantly blinking trying to clear it. You have taken a beautiful game and smeared it with turd.....GRAW could have been the ultimate. This is kind of like cooking a filet mignon and then dousing it with ketchup. What a stupid crappy useless mistake.
  2. "If you were thinking about complaining for popping, tearing, audio mix, animation or framerate problems, think again. Also, some textures are still in low resolution. This is a january preview code, and everything should be in its right place when the game comes out." Well, so much for that huh!? The game looks great, except for mild to exceptional tearing throughout. During training I didn't see any until the chopper came. !st level and the helicopter between had varying amounts. The chopper flight level had atrocious tearing. Too bad. I know it won't bother everyone, but if you're sensitive to tearing GRAW has got plenty of it for you.
  3. From what I have seen so far of this game I am simply in awe of the graphical detail and commitment to realism. The only thing that saddens me is the lack of vsync in everything I have seen. To me, page tearing is like getting something stuck in your eye. It completely ruins the illusion of reality for me, and I would rather sacrifice a few frames per second to not have to see it. Please, at the very least enable vsync as an option in the graphics menu. For some people it almost makes you sick. I know other who don't notice it, but for me it will prevent me from ever enjoying this title...just as it did for NFS MW and Perfect Dark 0. This is the XBOX360...page tearing should be a thing of the past by now.
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