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  1. Takedown has improved a lot atleast in my opinion. I bought it the first of last month and its been patched twice including additional content since then. Still more work is needed but good progress to this point. Another free copy available ......PM me with your steam id.
  2. Watched all the Q&A videos on Utube,liked what I saw and bought the game. My initial impressions are very positive...in a word "comfortable" . I think folks tend to forget that those classic titles like Rogue spear and Ravenshield, the titles that we tend to use as the measuring stick for those titles that followed had there share of issues at the time of there releases.......to be honest I can't think of a single game in my collection that didn't. I believe that in Takedown we have a good starting point,if development proceds at a reasonable pace and the mod tools become available I t
  3. I wont spend a penny on it...not now or later. The whole mess with the PC side of this thing actually drove me in the opposite direction. I reinstalled COD1 and picked up United offensive cheap from Amazon. Still some servers out there running it and the clan I belong to just put up a base assault only server.
  4. Team Cerberus returns from the grave....Please sign us up. Hammer MVTalon
  5. I believe GRAW2 is far from dead. Every game/sim that I play has been and more then likely will continue to be community dependent for it longevity. The GRAW2 editor has been operational for what....17 days???. From the look of things a lot is happening within the modding community in a surprisingly short period of time.
  6. First of all I have to say that I am still waiting for GRAW2 to be released here in the states and may not fully understand the problem. In Steel Beasts Pro PE we frequently play with no map updates and sometimes with the map screen disabled. The solution is to screen shot and print out the map from the briefing screen provided it has grids.The lack of map updates or ingame maps for everybody but the leader does raise the bar considerably. 1.Raises the value of accurate and effective comms considerably. 2.Raises the need for good situational awareness. 3.Required level of teamwork is consi
  7. Consider for a moment the huge amount of variables in system spec,hardware,installation methods and connection quality and speeds. How does anyone create a mod (or a game for that matter) that runs the same for all users ? In my opinion there will always be people who struggle to run this stuff. However the "I" thing as Janie 42 calls it will get in the way of things more often then not.Reputation is a finicky mistress, anymore it seems that its requires an equal mix of product and support after install and that is something you buy into the minute you start to create the mod.My recommendation
  8. That last part has got me wondering about Tinker just the littlest bit
  9. It has what is called an "Offline practise mode" meaning you can play all the maps in your inventory against the AI.There is NO SP campaign to play . You can set the AI to several different skill levels and control how many AI that are under your control and the number you are fighting against.
  10. Suprises me as well !!! I think the lack of rets and the fact that the weapons are Iron sighted (with the exception of the sniper class) puts people off a bit. The game also has a little steeper learning curve as far as weapons use is concerned.Perhaps its the era the game is set in (WW2) I don't know for sure what it is. But I think as far as realism is concerned it is the best option available at the moment and a damn good game.
  11. Although not current day a lot of what you seek can be found in YOTM (The year of the monkey) In my opinion an excelent mod showing the potential [GR] still has.
  12. Rocky We had a major storm come thru here last week causing wide spread power outages in the Seattle Washington area (That is where Steams master server lives) and Steam was affected for a couple of days .Every thing should be fine now. Talon
  13. Its a sad thing...In my opinion the best type of gaming with the best people.....
  14. One question we have to ask or selves is ......Is the co-op community still large enough to make creating the game we want worth the cost of developing ? Can publishers like UBI soft make a profit by doing so ? That is after all what they are in buissness to do. It would be interasting to know what the cost of the additional content that was added to GR:AW added up to in dollars and cents. To my knowledge this is the largest and Best GR site on the web and as such I think if you play or have played co-op GR you have registered here at some point in time.12,880 members across all platforms as
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