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  1. that would be awesome, but im afraid ubi pays too well lol.
  2. My bluetooth system for my cell phone is always shutting off. Sometimes its just a simple press the on button to start it up again, but alot of times I have to turn the phone off and on again to reset the bluetooth module. The problem seems to be when ever I am in an elevator or other shielded (concrete) location is when this happens. To me this is strange, I can understand loosing cell phone reception due to location but as the headset and cell phone are on my ear and belt and their signal should be fine between them no matter my location. my cordless phone dies after a few minutes of use, am i to assume the phone lines are failing? sounds like a problem with your cell phone or headset, not bluetooth technology. i said milspec. obviously equipment that is not designed as duty gear is going to fail.
  3. @Kretzj: 1. bluetooth is a reliable technology, regardless of your aparant inability to pair your headset with your handset. 2. the flaws in your gps system are due to programming errors. troops on the ground don't need turn by turn directions, they need to have their locations plotted on a map. 3. where did i say anthing about consumer electronics? 4. space shuttle? who cares about space shuttles. nasa uses simple flight computers because they're less likely to crash and the calculations they have to perform are just that, SIMPLE. not because a faster processor that can withstand rough conditions and radiation can't be created. get your head out of your ass. that'd be like chevy putting a alienware desktop with a geforce 8800gtx in my corvette, it's simply more than is needed. edit: i guess i did mention consumer electronics when i said apple, but only because of their promising touch screen technology, not to imply that the final product would not be milspec.
  4. the land warrior system would be more advanced in just a few years if it had begun development now instead of 15 years ago. mobile computing was in such a fetal state back then that it really didn't make sense to even attempt a system like that. the system has been reinvented multiple times during its development. the technology is already there today to create a MUCH more efficient system. take for example the cpu they are using. 400 mhz, the size of a paperback book. wow that's amazing. my blackberry has a 310 mhz processor and weighs a whopping 3.16 oz. probably more like 2 oz if you took the screen and the battery off. there's another thing, the battery. that's one of the problems with the system as well. it runs on a 12 hour battery that seems to be about the size of my chem 2 textbook. i don't keep up with battery tech but i'd bet my life savings that a vast improvement would be possible. but it doesn't really matter because the average infantryman has no need for any of this gear. EDIT: and now that i'm thinkin about it lol... apple could make a standalone unit with an iPhone-esque 5 inch touch screen and integrated gps. that would be perfect for the blue-force tracking system. it could be mounted easily on the inside of your left wrist. add a small stylus tip to the index finger on your glove for easy touch screen manipulation. i like that idea a hell of a lot more than a monacle that restricts my vision and a clunky user input device on my chest (not to mention the awkward tangle of wires). now add a laser range finder (bluetooth 2.0, of course) to the front rails on your m4 and you're all set (with its own self contained battery, you would rarely need to mark targets). all you're missing now is the camera and the thermal scope. a bluetooth camera could probably be developed, again with its own battery cause it would rarely be used. and as for the scope, do you really want to lug around something the size (and weight, probably more) of a 2 liter coke on your m4? i know i don't. and to tie the squad together, one member in the squad has the reciever for whatever wireless network the military uses and a wireless router, so to speak. man i should work for the DOD
  5. the view should stay normal. in real life, your brain corrects images for you when you tilt your head.
  6. they make suppressors that thread onto the barrel as well as suppressors that slide over the flash hider and attach quickly, if you look closely at the SCAR-L/H you can see that the suppressor is actually covering a portion of the barrel.
  7. I normally stick to the GR: AW boards but this thread intrigued me so I had to indulge myself. Here is the humble beginnings of my collection (click the thumbnail for a larger image): This is my Colt M1991A1 .45ACP. It is a stock Series 80 aside from the Hogue monogrip. This is what I plan on carrying concealed when I come of age exactly one year from today. Glock 22 .40S&W. And now for some hand cannons . Ruger Redhawk .44 Magnum. And the ever popular Desert Eagle .50AE. And a group photo (don't have pictures of the Beretta 92FS 9mm Luger yet). Ruger P85 MkII 9mm Luger. This was replaced by my .45 and currently resides at my mother's house. And now on to my baby. Bushmaster AR15 .223 Remington. EOTech holosight and Aimpoint 3x magnifier mounted on hardware by LaRue Tactical. The magnifier can be removed by a flick of the top cantilever, or both the holosight and magnifier can be removed as one with a flick of the bottom cantilever. Here is the reticle without the magnifier. And here it is with the magnifer. Hope you enjoyed it.
  8. @brettzies @lightspeed now that we've learned that GRIN only worked for 1.5 years, i don't think that 6 month delay was for bug testing, lol. /speculation
  9. i think both games look great. but graw is more visually appealing to me. it's more my style i suppose.
  10. just because i call it the "dumpster screenshot" doesn't mean im focusing on the dumpster. i never said HL2 was a corridor shooter, or that GRAW made efficient use of hardware resources, or that you didn't know what you were talking about. all i said was that the screenshot you provided doesn't paint an accurate picture of the visuals in graw. this is my ONLY point. if you disagree with this, than i guess, as you said, we can agree to disagree.
  11. no, sorry. his credentials do not change the fact that the screenshot of the graw dumpster is not on par with the overal quality of graphics in graw. therefore making it a bad representation of graw's overal graphical quality. this is a fact, which requires no interpretation. edit: keep in mind i am not talking about performance, only aestetics as per jsonedecker's original post.
  12. my post wasn't an attack at you. it was only meant to point out that the graw dumpster screen isn't a good representation of the game's quality of detail. your credentials, however nice, do not change this fact. im sure that i could find a screen from HL2 that wasn't up to par with the overall quality of the artwork. i'm also sure, that i would not use it to compare it to another game's artwork.
  13. Here's a closeup of another dumpster. http://www.nyrgraphics.net/images/dumpster.jpg And here they are side by side. http://www.nyrgraphics.net/images/dumpstersbs.jpg I think the one on the right looks better, don't you? ok anyways... first off, if anyone thinks that comparing details like dumpsters can accurately compare the level of detail of two games, they're wrong. and second, just to counter your point , the graw dumpster is CLEARLY on low textures. (give me a minute and i'll go get a good screen of a dumpster) edit: dumpster as promised. and lets not forget, video goodness
  14. you have to be looking at the AA, you can't do it from the tac map. dunno if that's the problem you're having or not.
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