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  1. Looks cool Digitaly....did you just use the colour replacement & minimal additional work as the camo pattern is exactly the same. I notice that the gloves have changed. Im interested in the techniques being used at current Can I aso assume that you have post effects on LOW in your screenie?
  2. Same here...DXT5 is looking cool, however if you read throughsome of the user posts some are recommending DXT3 & due the 4 Channel Alpha iossue this maybe why some have the shininess. Slightly related, is anyone also editing the Alpha layer along with the texture layer? Im currently using the Clone Stamp in PS to complete the alpha chanel as I noticved that when amending the texture in PS the Alpha chanel also had a big bare patch,,,, again this could be causing the shiny issue. ...hope it helps someone:)
  3. Im seeing people saying use DTX5 other s saying DTX3 BOTH are different. DXT3 Loaded as RGB image with full 8 bit Alpha channel Saved by combining the current RGB image with the current Alpha channel reduced to a 4 bit (16 level) Alpha DXT5 Loaded as RGB image with full 8 bit Alpha channel Saved by combining the current RGB image with the current Alpha channel. ...as you can see the Alpha chanel is variable dependant on the format used. So my question is which s the right one? & Does it answer this shiny issue?? Ive just made a quick rough up shoulder badge using DXT5.
  4. This may sound obvious but why not take atlas.dds file & use simple primary colours for each kit part. This should then make it obvious what is what
  5. yes.(I think,I never try the MP). Thanks for the reply. Thats going to be interesting when we have servers in MP & multi skins...it will mean that joining a server will have to issue the skin pack for there to be any advantages in MP. Hope GRIN are thinking about this?! an alternative is of course to incorporate a skin selection pre-deployment & have the server able to host all of them....shock gasp horror?!
  6. Well Im new to skin modding, but old hat at GFx work & Im looking at creating a TRT skin. Nice work Tilliboy...great start o hopefully an expanding avenue. I have a couple of basic questions. Do only those with the skin mod loaded see it, Im assuming yes? How would you recommend creating personalised skins for each member ie: Rename MITCHELL to NEMESIS etc etc. Apologies for the daft questions above
  7. What apps are you using to open the .dds filetype & save as .dxt3 Are you simply saving as .jpeg & renaming to .dxt3 filenames after the changes?? s`ok...I found the answer (look deeper) http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...ndpost&p=380272
  8. Loaded v1.10 retail up..noticed that Text is screwed up...notice vertical effects on font letter "E". SCREENSHOT Also when I went back to play an old SP campaign I noticed that the Mission details & tips are all screwed up...just says part of the sentences ie: "Sneak around behind them" reads as "behind them" all fonts set left...so no missing character spaces. I tried to get a screengrab using PRINT SCREEN on the campaign load pages but it just shows as Black?! Hey GRIN if you receive this how about incorporating a Screen grab command so people can easily provide visual evidence of issues rather than Prt Scr & ALT Tabbing all the time. It just drains resource & is time consuming...with a screen grab/dump to a file, I could happily experience more faults & simply hit a key & then write all the bugs up at the end! Help us to help you to help us Sys Spec: P4 3.4 HT, 1gb 3200 DDR, Ati X600 Pro 256 (half height card [just in case]), Philips 170C LCD monitor. Catalyst drivers 06.4
  9. I dont know if this is the right place to post this as i cant find a TECH SPEC ISSUES thread or similar...must clean glasses. I have a bitmap alpha issue with the trees. see below. http://img116.imageshack.us/img116/5923/untitled13fb1.jpg Moderator Edit: Large Image Changed to Link Sorry about image size but I have to copy n paste to clipboard each time...no screenshot feature still to help in reporting issues visually. The chooper in the tree issue is fixed in the v1.10 patch but i still have the tree leaves issue?! P4 3.4 HT 1 GB 3200 DDR Ati X600 pro 256 30 GB SATA HD Catalyst drivers 06.4 ...hope it manges to get resolved soon.
  10. --Resolved it...you have to get to the zone before the copter else it hovvers & descends into the tree befor you get there!!! Stoopid Pilots!
  11. Copter landing issue in Quadril IX Checkpoint3.... Ive redone this mission 6 fricking times with the same problem. Each time the chopper is stuck in the trees?! This is the same pre1.06 & the same after!!!
  12. Neither impressed nor let down with the demo so No real feedback other than: > the bug of dropping from the chopper too early that lands you inside a building should really be fixxed. > textures could still do with tweaking > vegetation, I was surprised at the low polycount used. Ive seen better trees in some of the GR1 mods. > GPU is doing most of the work, so this is forcing hardware sales for improvements. > GUI system is over-complicated unnecessarily. Recommend staying with a more GR1 style interface. I did notice that in the XML file you can amend the GUI look only. > COOP LAN...wish a Net MP was available so we could see how server side is supported & get an idea for Server specs / bWidth usage etc. Will I buy the game....probably..there is always E-bay if I don't like what I see in the full release. Sys Specs: P4 3.4 HT 2GB 3200 DDR Ati X600Pro 256 < yes I know its old. Questions: Has anyone with an Aegia tested the demo? What are the FPS with the Aegia & without? Why do I need to install the Ageia drivers If I dont have card?
  13. I think it should simply be an option in the game settings.
  14. started the campaign & from the chopper ended up inside a building....NOOOOOOO. I cant get out either....lets hope this is only a demo issue?! http://img140.imageshack.us/img140/5176/untitled14io.jpg No F4 for screen capture, had to use Print Screen & save to file with a image editor.
  15. Thanks to Madmex_TRT who found this official posting in the Dutch GRAW Ubi site: Wanneer komt de Xbox 360/PC demo uit? - Bouke Loohuis Zoals het er nu naar uitziet verschijnt de Xbox 360 demo rond de release (9 maart) en de PC demo eind februari. Translated it reads: When do the Xbox 360/PC demo end up? - Bouke Loohuis Such as there now to looks forward to appear the Xbox 360 demo around the release (9 March) and the PC. demo by the end of February. Original data from: http://www.graw.nl/nieuws/item/20486/
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