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  1. With Gfx cards that require direct power anything less than a 500 is wasted for a gaming rig anyways...get a 800 or 1Gw PSu & you`ll be fine I had a 450 & that was without a molex Gfx card....."some people just keep slapping the hardware in" :0)
  2. Does the last image on this page have anything to do with the project mentioned? http://www.blackfootstudios.com/pages/portfolio-02.htm#
  3. Feedback = is what it is. Although better if constructive. Opress the Opressor anyone?!
  4. As some start to build their own maps I thought it maybe worth sharing some usefullinks to things that are already available on the web...for FREE that mybe able to be used in .3DS for mapping. Get & use the files at your own risk. 3DHeaven Creepies Low res models 20 pre Built buildings (touch futuristic) LIST of sites Another list of sites Other aplications that can help you create. XFrog Plants & Trees ....just in case any of it helps. theres tons more if you look around or simpy create fro scratch
  5. Are those bushes, bushes or sunken trees? Cool work BTW
  6. Why not create a multi-poll asking pertainent questions & get the results rathr than reding over & over many of the same responses. Example: Comparing GR1 with GRAW please answer the following Question 1 GR1 GRAW Question 2 GR1 GRAW Question 3 GR1 GRAW etc etc etc Then ther are constructive results that assist the developers & captures in a single topic all views, restrictive of ctiticism. PS:0 Good analysis buddhiraja73
  7. It fractal math terrain... You plugin a fractal set it to Slope Altitude etc etc, blend multiple fractals build the textures in the same way with coulours to values & WALLAH...complete worldfile. hehehehe..yep the polycount can get into the upper millions pretty quickly, ridges can also create glitches, But its a quick fix for creating some undulating terrain very easily that can then be tailored to your needs in most 3D apps. Apps: 3DSM (noob with it), Mojoworld Pro3.1 (BetaTester...ooops did I just breach my NDA), Vue 5 Infinite (can also create terrain patches & using Nurbs tool some interesting rock arch formations with materials), Hexxagon2 (Novice), Poser6 (crap prog) & MayPLE (noobed again) Of course another option is to import .dem files to create terrains from satellite images
  8. Expect a whopping download then...cough 2 GB cough.
  9. TBH it sounds like lag more than anything else. Ive been in GR1 with bad lag issues & been volleyed by about 1000 bullets wih an almighty boom as all of the packets get processed in one hit. Sounds similar to what you have here
  10. IMHO...that where they should have started from!
  11. Thats interesting feedback....how muchsmoother,,,,minor/moderate or a lot of difference ?
  12. Hi Strike TRT_Nemesis (as its says over <--------) Age: 37 Game: GR1 +Mods (Year of the Monkey was a great leap forward) ...lets not forget that GR1 had several years worth of patching etc, plus hardware changes etc. I cant wait for GRAW GR1 mod
  13. In the light of humour Next patch release: Will be under the change of title from GRAW to GROAN (Ghost Recon: Overrated Annoying Nuisance) & will change the game from a PC media to an Xbox version for stability. User interface will convert your keyboard & mouse into a joypad, however you will need to grow an extra set of arms to be able to use all of the buttons. A fully finctional Map editor will be enclosed. Opening the Map editor will turn off your TV, previously your monitor. This is a normal procedure & expected to operate in this way to avoid anyone trying to bodge what we already bodged. The SDK will be realeased in the next patch. Once you understand how it works can you let us know. New jungle maps are included & due to the Ati transparency issues you wont be able to see anyone else on the map. The "taking a hit" has been dramatically increased. Now your speakers will have a dull fizzing sound as you have just blown the "cones"! Temporary nausea, dizziness plus the bleeding from the ears is all a part of the realism. Theres more we could have added, but we thought that we would leave that for the modding community to come up with, such as..."creating the game, in a stable working fashion". Patch v1,023.3 due out tomorrow. Note:- we will be realeasing a patch fix for, the day after as ther is a known bug. We dont know what it is yet but we hope that you will tell us about it. Note: from Ubi Sales & Marketting. Thank you dear customer for recently purchasing your copy of GR:AW. Unfortunately we cannot refund your monies due to the incompletness of your purchased product. Whilst we understand that you were fully expecting a COMPLETE STABLE working platform (that conformed to the minimum operating specs), your funds allow you direct access to the programming team so that we are all taking about developping the game together from an even level. I would like to take this opportunity to "shaft you" once more & ask could you kindly join the online community & assist us with your concepts & testing patches, so that we can make a game that we can sell right first time. Yours Sincerely Ubi Sales & Marketting
  14. 15KM above ground level 1KM above ground level These are low res samples of ENTIRE planets that can be patch exported as required with the texture. Unfortunately the water cannot be exported. I can also create sky maps & starfields. The largest render Ive compiled is a 12,000 x 12,000 starfield at 10.2mb .jpeg format. You can get me at the TRT forums almost everyday. Im offering my services to all map modders
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