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  1. I wish I was a lucky angel, lol, ;-) Cheers
  2. Wow, that is one talented dude. great work and very funny! Cheers
  3. Link Be prepared for more in the coming Days. Nice Game ← Yeah, Bo and his team work will pay off by us being happy bunnies. It's a nice job, creating a game, creative side and earning a more than good living from it, business side, we envy you, Bo. Cheers
  4. Just hoping for female character skins in multiplayer... ← I hear you, girl! There is a female carachter in GRAW for xbox 360, there should also be one in the pc version. But, it's in campaign mode. Don't o much ladies who like to shoot, but I encourage it! You go, girl! Cheers
  5. There won't be any surprises for Bo here, he was the one showing them the game ← I think you are mistaken Rocky. As far as I understood, the game is shown off by UBI SOFT NORDIC marketing manager Harald Horsberg. And not by Bo. ← Woops, that was a misunderstanding due to language, it wasn't Dark who was meeting Bo... ← When does Colin's report arrive?
  6. Think before you type man. Don't give them any ideas. Letter to UBI: _____________________________ To whom it may concern at UBI, Our friend M95-Sniper is just suffering from a temporary state of delirium. Due to the lack of GR:AW PC news, PC videos, and PC Demo. To top it off he has been playing with his XBox for too long (no thanks to 360 GR:AW). Please don't take his statement seriously. He is a good chap who just wants some good sniper rifles for his PC GR:AW. Thank you, silent_op (and all other concerned GR PC community members) P.S: We really don't want to have to hunt him down next Christmas season. _____________________________ silent_op ←
  7. Is that compass thingy necessary? Don't like it. Cheers
  8. Don't read it, if it is annoying you. And we aren't begging, just asking for Cheers
  9. Vista won't be out till next January 07... ← Nah, the pro version will be out october/november, that's what all we pc freaks use anyway. We don't want some cut off family version. Cheers
  10. Looks good! Bo, I thought the 7900GTX and X1900XTX would be the last directx 9 cards? Are you telling me they gonna expand the memory structures on these cards? And is HDR being used in combination with AA. Because Nvidia cards can't do AA and HDR simultanousley (help, my Englsih spelling going overboard, lol). So, that leaves ATI as the only wise choice if we want max settings at the best framerates. And Nvidia if we want the highest fps? E3 has some announcements? Why wasn't there any talk about newer cards on the Cebit? Cheers
  11. The pro is a cutdown card, the 1600 series are the worst choice you could have made. You better had bought yourself either a x1800xt, x1900xt or 7600gt, 7900gt oer 7900gtx. This card won't do you much good for the newer games. Really, you should have researched your stuff more: www.anandtech.com and such. Cheers
  12. Better wait till the GRAW reviews are out about the experience with and without the hardware. Strange to launch it now. When none of the games are available, yet. People will expect the price to drop, and who will buy something they can't really use except for some low budget shooter like bet on soldiers. Cheers
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