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  1. im having trouble beating the easy now since its been so long since ive played lol
  2. ive tried instaling it a couple times before i kept getting an error (cant rember what now) but ill have try tonight when i get home from school
  3. battlefield 2 (came out in 05) us getting a 1.3 gb patch soon (beta is allready out ) kinda shocking
  4. Survival mode is insane my best time total is just over 8 mins in the airport , i forget what the map was but was on a roof and the tank always went after me and throwing me off of the building X_X lol
  5. from http://epidm.edgesuite.net/CMS/ElectronicA...66/host/BF.html [post split from other thread (as this is about Battlefield 1943: Pacific - not the rumoured "BF 3")]
  6. mmmm gotta see if i can actully install the game on my vista rig lol
  7. its fun for a short burst but the full game idk /me shrugs
  8. lol you'll prob wipe me out but ill take you up on that rocky (Once i figure out the patching) since i finally have a gaming rig again! WOOT! lol
  9. yeah, apparently several scenes were filmed in imax i saw the HBO first look before going to see it and they said the whole thing was shot with imax camras. say it last night in imax and wow it was great and defently the extra $ to go to the imax experance
  10. is rising sun even on the PC? but still look at how few there is from this side compared to the german sidethere is no compareson lol. and ones that have levels/missions on the jap side i dont really count as the whole game aint based off of the pacific war
  11. yes WW2 has been done over and over. but that is 99% the German side and hardly any while fighting the Japs. that's the thing that makes this one different and very interesting (at least to me) i bet you could name off at 10 games that where done on the Atlantic side (Europe,Africa, Atlantic sea battles with the German subs) but can you name more then one that you are fighting the Japs?
  12. about the onbly thing ive ever couagt was around 18 years ago. was fishing with grandparents and caught a turtle O_o. dont rember much about it only know about it cuase of pics lol
  13. http://www.myspace.com/theredmonster no facebook here
  14. its 8 AM still up and cleaning adn got alot more to do . whats sleep again? lol
  15. lol thats funny. another "un crackable" thing that will eventully get cracked no matter what they say.
  16. hopefully this one comes to the pc. hope they do it justace. anyone ever wonder why there is like no games based on the US/Japs side in ww2? there is too many to even think of for the german side but like none on the pascfic side O_o
  17. this one is trying to get his gaming computer to work. am brainstorming now why it aint sigh
  18. id say get it. i have tons of fun with it, although i havent played it recently , as for that expansion packs, when ive played them theyu have been fun but that aint that often. (also with the booster packs) the PR mod is ok but not someting i really liked. but that is just one person $0.02
  19. X_X /me has to get up earlyer and not be busy on fridays and saterdays !!!!!!!!
  20. that i would ahve to agree with for the most part, but i cant see hoe people would want to do that. ive had that stuff done to me, hell people in my 8th grade tech class was joking around with me about me doing the excat same thing. the funny thing was/is i fit the profile that they put out back in 2000. its a combanation of bad parenting and bad choices made by the individual themselves. id ahve disagree with this. my parents taught my brother and me the same way. (although my dad isnt my brother biologcal dad) and look at the differance between the two of us. he tried to kill me tqi
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