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  1. I've experienced no lag whatsoever. 16 player rooms are a joy to play in now, before you were either expecting a drop or lag issues.
  2. I could be wrong Camaro but maybe the achievement is only unlockable for "ranked" multiplayer matches. Or maybe its 8 hours of actual playing in-round time. Im not sure, just throwing out possibilities.
  3. Question....can only squad leader set waypoints? If not what if someone sets a waypoint right after another person does?...Does it clear the first one?
  4. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...ndpost&p=339529 ← Cool, good read! Thats alot of man hours...wow
  5. I actually didnt get that because I had to restart twice with that weird voice thingy...lol
  6. Amazing! Last night when I got home from work I played on Live from 6 PM until 2 AM and it felt like only 2 hours had passed! Thank you for addressing everything us fans have been asking for! The maps, no bullet lag, the new precise aiming, the customizations, the visuals, the audio, etc.....Work of Art!!! Keep up the great work!!!
  7. BOB, I dont know if your talking about the "Nowhere" map with the broken down cars and stuff but I think thats the best map in the game! You have a main street to fight on, a few buildings, a couple mountainside passes, plenty of cover, mid-sized, etc....Its perfect for any gametype.
  8. On the first level I jumped over a wall and my character was stuck in a weird position with his head looking down and vibrating. And he was gliding along the ground instead of running. I could not get him out of it. I aborted the mission, started over........jumped over the same wall and my character did the exact same thing. I dont know how to explain where the wall is but after you've come off the over pass and shot the 2-3 guys down the street....the corner where the dead bodies are there is a wall, I jumped over that into a little yard and thats where it happened both times.
  9. Yea used to be. Im the captain of 8 Deadly Venoms. Right now we're going to be playing on Epic Ladders and GB. RX is on EC right? Yea we used to be on EC until Tigrlily (aka JohhnaM) banned our whole team because I booted her out of my server, it wasn't intentional towards her as an EC admin, she came in the room in the middle of an argument and without Identifyingg herself she started telling everyone to be quiet...well, us being new to EC we had no clue 1) she was an admin and 2) it was Tigrlily, I used to play with her and her husband back on [GR] alot. It was a big misunderstanding but Andy ended up coming in the room so our ban was imminent...lol
  10. SPIDERMANG??!!! LOL, I used to pla with him and Pit Viper and all those guys back on Old GR...thats awesome. All those guys still hang together? I saw Goodnu 27 on GR2:SS about a month ago.
  11. Ok thanks, I hope its as fast as the drop in GR1.
  12. Good read, but you can elaborate more on the quick drop you mentioned?
  13. Great read....Thanks for the info! Question though, when you say quick drop what do you mean? I am a GR1 and GRIT Xbox player and the quick drop to me is "down, down, left"....from standing to prone in a split second. Is it similiar to that? And if so what button do you use to quick drop? I thought that to go prone on GRAW you had to click left thumbstick in and hold it down to go prone? Am I right? and BTW.....Seppuku is so HOT!
  14. Good luck man, bring back the goods I live in upstate NY, if I have nothing going on this weekend I may shoot down. Do you know the times it will be up? And whats the fastest way to comic con off of I90 once I get close?
  15. Don't games usually go Gold like 2-3 weeks out from the release date? If it has gone Gold please enlighten me but this kind of worries me.
  16. I think Territory may be similiar to Domination from [GR].
  17. Seeing as GRAW is so customizable, will we be able to determine where a siege base will be? I know we can set the number of zones but if we only want 1 can we choose where it will be?
  18. lol...yeah what was that about? ← Yea, that was frightening. Ronald McDonald hair all the way. Good music though, I'd rather have Bill Brown on the score but this guy seems to be pretty good as well.
  19. I think so. I used to play Old Ghost Recon on a 57 inch projection and although it wasn't the greatest resolution I could still see a ton of stuff that other players couldn't identify right away with their smaller screens. I switched to a 27 inch for Rainbow 6 for a better reaction time and have never gone back. I recently purchased a 51 inch Toshiba DLP set and I will be using that 24/7 for GRAW and I expect it to help immensely with the size and clarity alone.
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