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  1. hopefully we will actually hear something from GRIN in the days to come. 30 days seems like a semi-reasonable expectation for atleast one patch
  2. domination promotes run and gun in a way because u need points from capturing zones to get the better guns.
  3. SP is bugfree for me. MP is great in coop providing u dont die and the server doesnt crash. The game has LOTS of potential and I hope GRIN delivers on their promise to add more stuff. the game could EASILY become a classic provided GR4 isnt already in the works.
  4. thats more of what I meant. It just looks too colorfull.
  5. HL2 looks fake. GRAW definitely looks better
  6. 2 MP game play mods and 1 SP gameplay mode. quite dissappointing
  7. got my ubi pre-order today. .
  8. agreed. We only hear him say about a tenth of what everyone else says
  9. happened to me a few times today. Sometimes though I was popping off blind 1shot kills
  10. 1. Get rid of dependency on the mouswheel. Ive been killed countless times already trying to change weapons... Give me hotkeys or give me death 2. More weapons. 3. More options for running a server. no where to make infinite respawns or stuff like that. 4. more modes for MP 5. More maps. ESPECIALLY rural maps
  11. i pre-ordered mine. plus I have a trackmeet tommorow so I wouldnt have time to pick it up anyways. the wait is gunna kill me.
  12. if the grenade bounces before it is armed but still moves after hitting a wall or what have you it will still detonate eventually(cool feature)
  13. ya there are no doors or any enterable buildings from what I understand. This is to keep the maps from being an unnavigable maze and so the devs arent obligated to make every door lead somewhere. And FYI the anti-tank weapon is called the ZEUS
  14. Rage Against the Machine - War within a Breath(live)
  15. depth of field. from what it looks like it just blurs things in the distance and/or works like focus on a camera
  16. space ship uniforms? thats the technology we should be seeing in around 7 years. anywho yes the game will support modifications. the only reason GR lasted so long was mods.
  17. woah. where did that feature come from?
  18. Rage Against The Machine - Bombtrack (Live)
  19. in the future women will be able to equipe a pair of pseudo-testes in their backpack slot making them capable of everything men can do
  20. Whistle


    the wings on impact most likely started to disintegrate and swept back since it would require less energy than cut through the rest of the building. Wings and the tail section are easily broken off on such an impact. See here for more about the pentagon. http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread79655/pg1 Parts of the plane in the pentagon were recovered. As were parts in all the crash areas. Flight 93 was not shot down. the crash pattern is consistent with a jet impacting the ground at roughly 500mph. things scattered a hundreds of feet away are a result of only a second or two of them moving. Most of the conspiracy theories you can find and hear about are pure BS built on half truths or complete fallacies.
  21. yeah the MR-C is powerfull weak. if you knock em down while using it its best to shoot them a few more times for good measure.
  22. Can you even pick your team like the original? or is it assigned to you like in the demo. Other than those stats you could upgrade after each mission its a feature I'll miss... anywho if your team is locked then I doubt we will get specialists like in the original and instead might be able to get new weapons as the campaign progresses, that are also useable in MP
  23. noticed that before. theres quite a few thigns like that
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