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  1. that hadji girl song. its a catchy toon
  2. Whistle


    not to mention disgrunted postal workers with uzis and mail bombs. and/or we could just put up massive speakers and blare country music. I have yet to meet a chinese person(or any person for that matter unless they are a republican) that can even tolerate the mention of country.
  3. Strawberry Alarmclock - Incense and Peppermints I feel like i should be tripping on something....
  4. My neighbors radio is playing When the Musics Over - The Doors
  5. Happy Birthday Colin and Whiteknight.
  6. Warning! Owner armed with guard dog
  7. when i saw this on tv in the morning I laughed. For about a minute, no joke. I cant say ive ever been happy that i heard someone died before.
  8. dont know many vets that have impacted my life much but both my grandfathers were in the navy, 1 in the US navy just at the end of WW2 and the other in the italian navy sometime after ww2. i had an uncle who was a mechanic during vietnam(not acutally sure if he was there or not) and one of my dads uncles or something was in the 173 airborne. one of my teachers was a medic in the 10th mountain for i think 4 years, my brothers girlfriends grandfather was also in the 10th mountain but back in ww2.
  9. i heard from a few people 666 is actually a reference to Nero
  10. This should do the trick: 1,3,7 trimethylxanthine : C8H10N4O2 I suggest about 350ml per hour delivered orally im guessing thats caffiene?
  11. well if the world shows any signs of ending im gunna see how high i can get my kill count before earth is gone
  12. Gangstarr - Above the Clouds
  13. i should try that. i feel fatigued ALOT and i do almsot everything it says not to do or stuff that will make u sleepy.
  14. congratulations. Id call the kid the Uberfetus
  15. I think i saw some room on there for another sight.
  16. ouch... that must have been one hell of an experience... hows the mobility in your hand now?
  17. gotta love michael man. heat, collateral, all of 'em are good
  18. well arent those pretty pictures
  19. thats a great mission, except for assaulting that castle... that damn MG in the wall always got me.
  20. wrapping it with guaze and lotion is probably better. By letting air on it you most likely open yourself up to infection.
  21. could someone tell us backwards americans what eurovision is
  22. the neck thing keeps shrapnel and probably bullets from hitting the neck
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