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    maddox has something to say about loose change. http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=911_morons
  2. great find. some of thsoe were trippy
  3. yeah september 5th. its called revelations.
  4. thats crazy, it was also pretty quiet sounding too.
  5. allowing the kurds to declare their own nation might get a bit dirty. seeing how the kurds claim part of turkey as their own
  6. some plot deficincies and lack of other crap but otherwise it was a good movie. it was miami vice-like, without miami vice also i could have sworn i heard an audioslave song or two in the movie, however they arent on the sound track, might be cuz their new cd comes out in a week or so...
  7. The SCAR cant accept a bayonet, or atleast the last i heard it couldnt.
  8. looks good. I wonder if it will outdo snakes on a plane though...
  9. Jimi Hendrix - Machine Gun I edited it to cut out hte first 20 seconds and the last few minutes. I did the same with some of his other songs, mostly to compact them and make them easier to listen to.
  10. looks fake at first but ive actually seen it in person so i know its real(not quite that extraordinary but still amazing)
  11. Whistle


    i saw it from vero beach. it was pretty impressive, i missed the first 5 seconds or so because i didnt know where to look but i got some pictures of it. all you can see is the smoke plume and some of flames. that thing sure does move fast though, plus on the 4th of july it was like seeing the worlds largest and most expensive roman candle
  12. accuracy is bullet spread stability is just that, when u fire full auto you wont see as much recoil
  13. Audioslave - Your Time Has Come
  14. Ill probably be there too since Ill be in the area. the last time i was down there I missed it.
  15. thought it was old news. they already use stuff like that for a number of things. if it gets hit with something going fast it hardens, like silly puddy
  16. dont mean to nitpick but your pec is your chest. Or atleast the vast majority of ur upper chest(unless you have misshapen pecs)
  17. i was thinkin s-76. Ive seen them fly over my house quite a few times and at higher altitudes they look like a commanche(the sihlouette atleast) anywho it sounds like he did see a commanche
  18. amputation seems to be ur only option...
  19. i thought the program was cancelled for sure. Are you sure it was a commanche and not something else(theres a sikorsky helo that looks similiar)
  20. outlaw everything so you end up fighting each other with air.
  21. Red Hot Chili Peppers - She's Only 18 and while I was typing it went to Led Zeppelin - Black Dog
  22. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Slow Cheetah
  23. Whistle


    wow... i thought they were only myths
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