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  1. the marpat stuff was a knock off but it still worked good, I know a guy with authentic stuff. also this is the first ive heard about reflective dye, any more info about that? im guessing it just reflects ambient light/colors so the surrounding terrain has an impact on it?
  2. I've been wondering about this for a while. Ive heard things about the MC pattern being developed for the ACU program contradicting stuff about it being intended for the FFW program. Which one is it? Also I recently got a set the field uniform. it works better than woodland from the tests ive done with it and it works as good as marpat depending on the exact terrain. the one major bonus about it seems to be the fact it is universal, as far as I can see, it actually blends in quite well with tall dried grass and sand, atleast compared to the woodland and marpat stuff i was comparing it too(mine doesnt have very much of the light tan/desertpink or whatever u want to call it, it has alot of the light green OD though). If you guys want pictures I could try and get some this weekend. also it seems the ACU blends in only in certain sandy environments or in urban areas, anyone have actual first hand experience with the ACU? doesnt seem so universal to me. the only time ive seen it in person was when a recruiter came to my school and that uniform looked alot greener than what Ive seen elsewhere.
  3. about the video... I didnt see any red cloud but the guys movements would certainly indicate a hit... anyone else know if that guy died or not? if so RIP and may your killers he caught and caged like the animals they are. those comments are some of the most ignorant things I've ever seen. I would love to see anyone who supports the terrorists given the oppurtunity to go over and join them. IT would definitely raise the world's average IQ
  4. hmm... sounds like a touchy topic. it'd be best to switich to the 6.8mm i think for issues with morality and legality... also using those would make friendly fire that much more unfriendly
  5. pierce brosnan - because everyone else is old
  6. mmmmmmmm turkey. hope its succesfull
  7. you mean men are men, women are men and children are cops?
  8. very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very cool oh btw if htey are running a penalty script make sure u vote for everyone else about 10 times
  9. i voted. thats some good lookin family u got there.
  10. did the 416 get entered into the SCAR program or was it too late? I just hope they switch to the 6.8mm round. BTW anyone know if they are going to do anything with the M-468 outside of the spec ops world?
  11. well the appearance is similar to the FAL/ FNC family of weapons but everyhting ive read says they work differently
  12. the guy just looks like a crackpot [idiot]. hes probably one of those people you could trick into thinking alt+f4 makes your computer run faster, and it would be repeatable.
  13. im not sure if the ACU was chosen over Multicam or if its being used for FFW or whatever but I have a set of the multicam field shirt and pants and they work pretty damn good in woodland and field environments. ive seen several different ACUs, one was a recruiter at my school, his looked pretty green and tannish(like a very toned down washed out marpat without black)and others ive seen, army.mil, etc look more tan/brown, dunno if its lighting, or if the uniforms are dirty or what have you.
  14. out of the maybe 10 or so brits i know good, 1 is a complete ######, the rest are fine. they are all above 20 though. on the other hand out of the thousands of americans Ive come across, alot of us are complete utter asshats.
  15. ........................................................................... ######? as dumb as the animal bridge sounds if it works they might as well build it
  16. well its obviously the ACU hes wearing so common sense would dictate he is in the army. CNN is pretty good at getting stuff wrong though.
  17. Whistle


    deaths arent everything, if i recall right there are many people who are suffering health problems as are many of the children born after chernobyl. my knowledge on this subject is not very large though.
  18. because jamie foxx pussed out after some dominican soldiers shot a drunk man and they had to change the ending. I'd say it still turned out great, didnt help some of hte plot wholes.
  19. grin does kick ass, its Ubi that sucks balls
  20. graw is an ok game, but it is not ghsot recon. btw nice video prozac, [GR] forever
  21. its only miami vice in terms of the name location and hte name of the characters. its like graw, if u look at it is a seperate movie its good(unlike graw)
  22. their first CD sounded more like Rage against the machine wtih a different frontman, the second one was alot more varied. Anywho they already have 1 single you can download and it sounds good.
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