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  1. i thought the storyline and plot elements were a bit cliche but still a good episode. seems the show is better when they arent doing large extravagent stuff like that episode because they make it seem too much like a stereotypical bad action movie.
  2. ouch, that would suck getting a BSOD at 35000 feet.
  3. heh, thats some crazy stuff. I wonder if there is a longer version...
  4. http://www.metacafe.com/watch/270470/liquid_armor/ saw that when i was watching the metal storm vid. i wonder when any of this will be fielded.
  5. http://www.comcast.net/music/index.jsp?cat..._browncoverdies
  6. utg sniper = crap from what ive heard. u get what u pay for and some of htem cost 500 for sniper rifles I have an ICS sr-16 which shoots about 350fps with .2s its fairly accurate out to about 100 feet
  7. dont they issue the p228 in limited numbers?
  8. my friend jsut went through MEPS, he said it was a non-stop fun the whole time.
  9. i dont think they make them in Hartford, CT anymore... its only a 15minute drive for me to the olde tyme plant anyways
  10. i think it was the best bond movie yet.
  11. roger moore is a good actor but he was no bond. he was too much of a stereotypical dry british man.
  12. Just got that shiny new aimpoint sorry for the giant photo anyone notice something about that?
  13. ^what he said. it looks good though, not like the fairly craptastic movies of the 80s-nowish
  14. anything before red rabbit is good. seems like the series started goin downhill after debt of honor
  15. id love to have one of those
  16. Zack de la Rocha and DJ Shadow - March of Death
  17. happy birthday to me too. guess i didnt put in a real bday for these forums...
  18. wow... 3 years and it just got brought back from the dead. thats gotta be a record for alot of places. anywho, Led Zeppelin Rage Against the Machine Audioslave The Doors ACDC EPMD Those are or were my favorite bands for quite a long time.
  19. hope shes okay when everythings done.
  20. The White Stripes - Blue Orchid
  21. i agree with everything you said except for one thing. All idiots are worth my time if Im kicking their ass for stupidity.
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