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  1. hmmm seems like they are going to be needing a new rifle then.
  2. it will start connecting to a server and hten say CD KEY NOT VALID. no this is not a pirated version, i bought it from bestbuy. anyone have suggestions? after i installed the newest patch(1.02 is it?) I tried joining several servers and got this message.
  3. i figured it out, apparently just opening the tray and closing it again was a quick fix.
  4. I keep getting an error when i am done installing the game that says "Feature Transfer Error" Component: Common Data File: D:\data2.cab error: incorrect function any ideas what i can do to fix it? ive had this problem three times already.
  5. i believe this was posted a while back
  6. id suggest belleville if your just going to be using them for hiking. they are pretty durable and a fairly comfortable boot. any good quality boot though isnt cheap. atleast anything that is durable.
  7. a few came out blurry... Back view with hydration carrier inner workings of the release system release handle front view with m-16 magazine for reference side view with medic pouch front fiew with m16 mag for reference same as above but with the flash on.
  8. yeah ill try to get some pics of it
  9. i have a CIRAS Maritime vest for airsoft, its a pretty good vest, my only problem with it is with the maritime version the "oh ######" handle can hit you in the face sometimes
  10. i thought i remembered hearing a contributing reason to the weapon being cancelled was that they did not want to field a brand new weapon while there was a war going on because it could potentially be a logistical problem. i suppose that could work with the m-8 but with the hk416 that doesnt seem as plausible.
  11. its good for a show i suppose since they have to keep coming up with new ideas everyweek, probably have a limited budget and making a truly realistic show doesnt always appeal to the average TV watcher
  12. if that was german wouldnt that mean "the pig######er?" is it really that big of a deal though? i could go on a rant about first ammendment rights, but im not going to. i mean its not really neccisary to name it anything with swears involved, but if people want to whos going to stop them?
  13. in theory you could mount anything on anything. especially if this "anything" is meant for an RAS system.
  14. its definitely influenced by the Crye Combat shirt.
  15. I must say, i made the mistake of playing with the post effects on high and despite the horrendous chop I was shocked by the details. the muzzle flashes were mind blowing. All of the faults with the GRAW MP seem to have been rectified in GRAW 2. that one map is pretty good. was open, but still urban and it wasnt linear like some of the GRAW maps were(or atleast felt like). Grin did a great job, I look forward to playing the full version. my only concern is the weapon kits, is there no more customization of weapons? or are the kits in the demo what we get in the full version.
  16. Whistle


    realism aside its a kicakss movie. you have to remember its based on the graphic novel. not the actual battle. so given the creative license that was taken, it was byfar the most badass movie I have EVER seen.
  17. well the m8 was basically just a g36 with some different external stuff. the only bad thing about the g36 family is those magazines with the stacking shenanigans on the side cut down your carrying capacity of mags in pouches.
  18. civilian version of the SCAR is supposed to come out next year, the 416 upper receiver i thought was comin out soon too. and het m468 has been out for a while now.
  19. a few guys i play airsoft with are in the army and have their ACUs all the time. they say that after you are in theatre for a while the dust and whatnot almost changes the color of hte uniform and it will blend in much better. which it seems to do. there is also a big difference between the authentic issue stuff and knockoffs.
  20. like colin said, less physics and probably alot of optimization of the engine.
  21. I have some multicam(the field uniform) i must say that stuff works like magic. even in winter it works pretty good but in woodland and dry grasslands it is king. the price wont drop for a while. when or if the Army adopts multicam im sure the price will drop significantly since right now they are only doing the uniforms in batches(combat pants have been out of stock for months). it makes them more expensive to manufacture, if they were producing them in bulk the price would definitely go down to about the price of the ACU.
  22. the R6V leaning/cover system was easily the second best feature of the whole game(after the AI) if GRIN is tweaking that to make it more FP oriented then i have high hopes for this game. R6V may have been a flop on the PC but i think it had some pretty cool features.
  23. i can almost get a one handed pushup. otherwise im good for about 80 regular pushups.
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