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  1. its illegal to hunt sasquatchs somewhere in canada.
  2. Asia was already done in GR2 east europe was done in GR1, as was africa and cuba(which is kind of like southern asia in terms of terrain and such) GR3 is in mexico city. This leaves Austrailia, Western Europe, America and Canada since this game is kind of based on alternate futures dont know if the middle east would be an appropriate choice given whats going on now and what would be goin on in about 7 years. if the urban combat is very good in GRAW maybe they should try to do more urban stuff. Rural and suburban maps might be cool. "enemies spotted at the mcdonalds, they have minivan support!"
  3. anyone want to just copy and paste the thing for us people to lazy to register?
  4. i find a good monitor punching is good. If you break the monitor. you might go eat a small car or something. otherwise it will just hurt your hand. I did it once and ended up staring at my monitor for half an hour wondering what made me punch a monitor...
  5. mediocre at best. thsoe things are about as real as pleather
  6. http://www.cryeassociates.com/09.html ^yet another star warsy lookin helmet/facemask
  7. my brain hurts from reading the last 7 pages of this thread. its funny when hatchetforce's identity is challenged
  8. Just send him a link to this page, and this one. ← Wow.....you can actually buy this staff already ?? cool ← you can buy all the multicam stuff, the gloves, boots. Think you need some paperwork for the body armor. the only gun they have ingame I've seen an airsoft equivalent for is the M-8
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