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  1. i heard something about a rainbow six movie a long time ago. same with an SC movie but that was recent
  2. I can say without a doubt that is a M-8 compact on his back
  3. some people get fat because htey have no self control and just eat and eat and do no exercise. is it their fault? partly, depending on what age you get overweight it may or may not be your fault entirely. some people have glandular problems, slow metabolisms, retain water alot. if you really want to lose weight it isnt hard for most people, its just a lack of will power for many. Society doesnt offer much help for fat people though. instead of charging double for people who take up two seats or such they could raise prices, have a rate per lb over average weight you are, or something of that nature. i remember seeing something on the news a year or so ago saying airlines use 350million extra gallons of fuel because of oeverweight people, heavy luggage etc.
  4. i hope they release a liquid version the game I can inject directly into my veins. everytime Bo posts anything about the game I want to sleep until may.
  5. whats it based off of? ← nothing, some hypothetical extension of the war on terror in the phillipines.
  6. nice dolls. both look cool. Id go with 1 though, looks like he has more gadgets
  7. Well, on that note, count me in. But GRIN will have to delay the game another two months, just so they can practice. ← what if thats actually why the game was delayed.
  8. im willing to bet my left pinky that GRAW PC will come out. if it doesnt i will video tape the removal of it. dont let me down bo.
  9. isnt that one of those old land warrior pictures?
  10. dont know why i didnt post here yet. if possible id do it.
  11. Im pretty sure the Top gun theme wasnt by Van Halen. Jimi Hendrix - If 6 was 9
  12. Whistle

    F yah!

    when the ###### hits the fan people react different ways. perhaps they panic and forget their cause. maybe they have played Americas Army and hope they US gets negative ROE for shooting nurse campers?
  13. its not the money that would be a problem. its shifting it from bank accounts. Id rather have a 25mm chaingun for traffic jams but that doesnt seem legal.
  14. always hated getting shot in an apendage but it added to the game. also did anyone ever noticed what happened if u got shot in the head?
  15. SCAR civilian version? sweet. maybe ill get one if i can find some money.
  16. i saw it. its ok. not so great acting. kind of weak sotryline, good action though.
  17. Whistle

    F yah!

    ahhh!!! I was just listening to that song(Gasolone - Audioslave) before the movie started.
  18. XM-8 ingame has a detachable scope. All ARs can take a Grenade launcher, silencer, forward pistolgrip(not sure about the M-8 having this, in pictures the SAW has it though)and combat scope(reflex and/or telescopic) the mk-4something is the M-249 saw basically. there is some sniper rifle too. i dont know anything about it. the secondary guns are hte M8 compact, MP-5SD the M-9 and a glock.
  19. it looks like in the newer screenshots there isnt a whole lot of fog. In Mexico city there would be more smog than fog anyways. the newer screenshots seem to support that too. doesnt seem to be any info on the srubs disappearing though. its not a game breaking feature but it makes the game more fun since you have places to hide.
  20. Speculation? Uhm, wake up. Ubi have distributed the delay by email to all media outlets. Ubi have announced it. If you are still not sure, phone Ubi UK and ask them yourself. ← check my edit
  21. from my understanding there were alot of knock off acus that werent the same as the official ones. they are supposed to work really good in desert and urban environments.
  22. wow. that was one hell of a smack from the trampoline one
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