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  1. how long have you had it and what did u pay originally for it?
  2. I think the China/Taiwan idea is a very good one. Finally give us PC gamers some time in Asia.
  3. even though thats the xbox360 weapon list is it the same as the PC version?
  4. Dont forget they also have the lindberg baby and filmed the moon landings in the same studio they made GR2 in.
  5. My wife would beg to differ. ← id have to disagree with ur wife.
  6. FFW is a sub program of FCS if I recall right. but as said above its just the operating system.
  7. the one where they unpimp the ride is awesome.
  8. Name: Dave Date of Birth: 9/26/89 Location: Connecticut(its cold, then hot, then cold again which blows) Occupation: ametuer bodybuilder/waiting to find out if I got hired as a pool attendant or not. Romance Status: Manwhore Image: Favorite Aspect of GR: everything that goes boom Least Favorite Aspect of GR: things that dont go boom Favorite GR Mod: not sure Favorite Ghost: OICW guy, will jacobs or something? Favorite Kit: m4 socom/nades Favorite Aspect of GR.net: No pants wednesdays Least Favorite Aspect of GR.net: No no pants wednesdays When did you first visit GR.net: several years ago to download the 1.3 patch Other computer games played: All the rainbow sixes except lockdown, all the Battlefield games, Americas Army, Call of Duty 1 and 2, Lock On and a few others. Clan membership:s2 Shadow Squad for about 2 and a half years Computer Hardware/Accessories owned: lots o' crap Current/Former/Future Military: Future, hopefully ROTC than the army. If yes, what job: Miscellaneous: I once ate 35lbs of pudding in 2 months.
  9. Rage Against the Machine - Pistol Grip Pump
  10. the new box/cases(the plastic ones which are the size of 2 dvd cases) suck though, take up too much room and sicne there is no case I've been stickign them on a spindel. ill take cardboard boxes and plastic jewel cases over the unipiece box anyday.
  11. wait till closer to the release to update, prices might drop among other thigns that might help u either save money or get a better card for the same price.
  12. pretty cool lookin grenade launcher
  13. ghost recon 4 was officially announced? i thought it was still just that one thing that said it would come out next year. DVD/CD all the way. I'd rather have a hard copy of the game i can install as much as i want.
  14. They must be saving a TON on the PC version. ← Heh, so thats how they save money.
  15. they did in the original GR so I'd think they'd make use of their secondary weapons.
  16. until you can find any proof or something material rather than just a reason its nothing more than something to make you sleep at night.
  17. we need some politician to make it legal to hunt spammers. Id hunt em down in my free time.
  18. Oh you give me a chuckle. One of these days when your grandkids look you in the eye you will realize money isn't everything - life is everything. And about money - you can't take it with you. ← meh, life, money. life sucks without money.
  19. well ubi would have probably bough ghostrecon4 anyways but if firehawk is also registered thats kind of screwy.
  20. lots of the ubi forumers are idiots(myself included? maybe) I guess it isnt viewed as ranting and flaming when you're the one doing it too.
  21. stop complaining about the XBox. they actually have food in it.
  22. whats the deal with the beastiality?
  23. that post seemed quite hypocritical.
  24. dalton was actually a good bond. This guy was good in munich so i have confidence this movie will be good. and even though this is liek a prequel is it in modern days or something?
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