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  1. Audioslave - Shadow On The Sun
  2. 37 looks like the kind of guy who announces his flatulence with the utmost urgency.
  3. 36 looks more like Bo, the smile is similar, facial features also look alike despite 36 looking slightly scrawnier than Bo
  4. noone is safe! unless you didnt do anything. in which case you still arent safe. but you really are safe, but you arent. nah, your safe if you did nothing
  5. isnt that guy they caught who they think might be that Juba guy or one of his copy cats?
  6. 67? ← yeah I never study and theres this one kid who does nothing but study and probably goes outside once a month so our grades dont get scaled or curved or whatever.
  7. agreed. TBF2 forums aren't run as good as a forum that busy should/could be
  8. meh, so long as we dont have a chernobyl or a repeat of three mile island we should get more nuclear power. I guess you get more radiation from being in the sun for like an hour or two than you'd get from living near a nuclear powerplant for a year.
  9. was that new? looks like something I saw before. I also understood like 5 words in that video ! I guess it reflects on the fact I have a 67.
  10. James Brown - The Big Payback
  11. thats a long time to go without your posts bo. Im gunna be crying til friday.
  12. MP demo, then we can make our own screenshots and videos. but then Ubi would have to use more precious bandwidth
  13. cd players are alot better. I had one for 4 years before getting a dell digital jukebox(i crushed the harddrive with my hand in a fit of rage ). I miss it i dropped it about a foot and the the lid thingy broke off, It got dropped down stairs, crushed by backpacks and almost frozen but broke after a 1 foot drop.
  14. sell it and save the money until you need it for something. my friend went through 3 nanos(1 never start,ed, 1 was broken in half and the otherone had a faulty battery or something) before he got a creative one.
  15. The new screens released all havethe SCAR icon in the bottom right corner of the screen however, they all look like the MRC http://www.ghostrecon.com/uk/ghostrecon3/p...?img=17&mode=pc SCAR http://www.ghostrecon.com/uk/ghostrecon3/p...p?img=5&mode=pc http://www.ghostrecon.com/uk/ghostrecon3/p...p?img=3&mode=pc Not SCAR, new screens with scar icon but resemble have the MR-C model. http://www.ghostrecon.com/uk/ghostrecon3/p...p?img=1&mode=pc http://www.ghostrecon.com/uk/ghostrecon3/p...p?img=2&mode=pc the wait is making me lose it. anyone else notice this?
  16. looks like there is.
  17. iron sights look different than before. anywho they look great. hope we get a video(a good one) or demo soon!
  18. Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple Man
  19. yay finally a video with audible noise. what are those noises thogh? throughout there seems to be a humming noise and is that slap/rip noise jsut the impact of the bullet? the guy on the right who walks over looks like some 2d figure in some olde tyme game. is that just because of hte video quality and the fact he is shooting at the guy the whole time and therefore will face him the whole time? im also a little unclear does the HUD shake like that only if its a headshot? I might be over analyzing this 4 second clip, its all we got though.
  20. I hate joaquin phoenix with a fiery passion. Dafoe and Shrieber are both good actors.
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