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  1. name sounds slightly familiar, I think he owned me a few times back in the day when I played more. RIP, hope they already have GRAW in heaven.
  2. Well instead of Bo just making comments that clearly pointed to the gold status of GRAW we got official(its not up on ubi yet?) news of it going gold. Congrats Grin. I hope after this release you will afford to give your smileys a few more goldteeth. :g_cheers:
  3. i guess someone needed money.
  4. "Eligible signatories: EVERYONE WHO CARES "
  5. well its a new video but theres nothing new about it.
  6. Im sure any remaining respect for the name Hilton that anyone who has been in the military had just disappeared.
  7. seems even though that wasnt officially anounced that is the expected US release date.
  8. looks great. teh fact there are multiple gameplay modes(unlike that disappointment called BF2) are there really only 2 additional MP weapons or is it because its an earlier build or something. anyone else notice the barrel on the M-8 in that ironsight pic looked longer, like the sharpshooter version?
  9. Land Warrior, Objective Force Warrior, Future Force Warrior... all of them have/had it. Right now it must not be practical or something because the tech to have guncams existed for some time now.(Im guessing its a weight/battery life issue)
  10. LOL.. I think he means that, the video we are watching is the opening scene of the game. It will kinda ruin the awe effect, after already seeing it. At least thats what I hope he means.. ← ^This. ← man i never thought of it that way. How abotu some repairing onf your GRAW cherry. You saw it on a low res video. Imagine doing it for YOURSELF, on YOUR computer, with you in control. Frankly a video that small is nothing to doing it yourself.
  11. By 2013 the F-15E should still be in service. If I recall correctly the F-15A and C are the only models that will be phased out by the F-22 currently since most F-15Es are still relatively young airframes. Also wouldnt doing a supersonic bombing run severely effect the descent of a bomb? or is it supposed to be a missile
  12. hopefully it will run much better than BF2. the actual loading of the map isnt what is a ######, its the damn verifying client data part. having a good computer helps too.
  13. i cant take it anymore, who do I have to bribe to get a demo! the game looks near perfect. I havent wanted to play a game more since dodgeball back in 2nd grade.
  14. I OD'd on chocolate hooah bars. does that count?
  15. My money is on AIDS kicking the bird flu's ass.
  16. Its all leading to the Gold/Demo announcement, hopefully this week
  17. Yeah & a GRiN T-shirt & a GRAW T-shirt, plz. I vote GRiN to do the next Rainbow Six game too ← rainbow six is dead. id ratehr see grin keep working with Ghost Recon rather than possibly lose this game too.
  18. anyone else think its odd that with all the nifty features and eye candy they forgot to make the slide on the M-9 move?
  19. looked very very sexy. did anyone else think the controls for issuing commands seemed a little akward?
  20. someone should make a modwith a potato gun, just make it like a grenade that when it impacts spreads potato everywhere. or level entire city blocks.
  21. i guess noones cares about how A&E did the exact same thing a few years ago and called it Flight 93. I might see it in theaters, most likely I'll end up renting it, it just doesnt appeal to me much.
  22. if they do have an M-4/16 family weapon I'm willing to bet it will be the M-468.
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