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  1. because that is a render, not actual game play.
  2. it feels a little narrow but given you can only see about 90 degrees clearly i think its good, but hte lack of the threat indicator makes it somewhat difficult. Perhaps widening the FOV 10 or so degrees would benefit gameplay. Otherwise its good
  3. hey i just found a few pics of GRIN scattered around mexico city. I guess in the future you guys become legendary game developers
  4. i got charged too. Maybe they will ship them so we get them on the day of release.
  5. i saw several puffs a couple minutes ago. I was using a SCAR-H at clsoe range. dont know if that had anything to do with it.
  6. Not sure if this has been adressed. The ret for some guns and their sights dont line up the same.
  7. what game that has come out in the past year or so that HASNT had AA? especially one this graphically stunning? It seems they stripped down for examplethe game the elusive internet option for MP still isnt there.
  8. has anyone seen any member of grin logged on to these forums at all in the past few days, especially today? i guess they could be trying to avoid the initial OMG problemz0rz and yay its here stuff.
  9. I dont know what the performance stuff is about. It runs perfectly on my computer. even though its fairly well above the specs. this makes hte original GR look like crap I should get a fire extinguisher for that last remark I bet.
  10. "thats why u take an M-8 compact as a secondary if u take a non-5.56 mm or 7.62mm rifle. that and/or take ammo" as i said. Taking extra ammo helps. Did anyone else have their team mates run out of ammo? and is anyone else slightly disappointed if u reload with a half filled clip you lose it?
  11. havent found a button for one. I think its based on RAM I ahve 2 gigs and only a 256mb card. I was able to do high settings for textures you can go into the .xml folder an customly change some settings, such as sky, you dont need a highly detailed sky if you are shooting stuff on the ground. I have most stuff on high and the game runs pretty good except for a somewhat sluggish mouse.
  12. might be ur vid card drivers. go to www.ati.com to update to the latest drivers.
  13. click the icon that says set up and is primarily a whtie box with a blue bar at the top. hope that helps, double click and wait a minute or so. It took a while for mine to start.
  14. drivers definitely help. I ran everything as high as I could with this set up AMD 64 X2 3800+ 2gigs of ram 6800XT 256mb oc'd slightly integrated sound card(I can only do medium, anyone know what the deal with that is?) if you have the money invest in some more ram down the road.
  15. only thing wrong with the game is those dang 50cal gunners are hard to hit, the aiming seems funky and u have to use a mouse wheel to change weapons/give orders. Otherwise GRIN, I love you.
  16. thats why u take an M-8 compact as a secondary if u take a non-5.56 mm or 7.62mm rifle. that and/or take ammo
  17. i have all my settings on high when u shoot acar with a grenade its beautiful.
  18. my mouse wheel is screwed up. it took about 2 mintues to change my weapon to grenades and another minute to change back to my primary. is there anyway to NOT haveto use hte mousewheel be the menu scrolling thingy?
  19. is it the same kind of mouse lag like in Far Cry?
  20. anywho check ur orders UBW-183739 23-Apr-2006 04:37PM $49.99 Processing dunno about you guys but I'd think if it shipped it would say shipped where it says processing. the 27th is a good bet for the real ship date
  21. if i remember correctly, when i ordered it said something like: 2business days 6 bucs and 1 business day 12 bucs. something like that. anyway, saturday is not a "business day". so if it doesn't come friday, it won't come 'til monday. this is the U.S. i'm talking about. i have no idea how the rest of the world works. ← fedex delivers on saturday
  22. YES!!! So happy i pre-ordered. Shipment #UBW-183739 on April 25, 2006 To My name and address here(dont trust that BoGRIN guy) FedEx 2 Day Item Qty Shipped 68280 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighterâ„¢ - PC 1
  23. The SCAR is replacing the M-4 for SF troops. From what Ive seen HF post they are using a 6.8mm version of the M-4 currently. not sure if that will continue. My guess is there will be a version of the scar to fire it. The MR-C is the rifle for the Future Force Warrior program. It is suppsoed to be what will be in service around 10 years from now.(unless its made rather reliable I think the SCAR might spread to non-SF units and replace the M-16/4 if its as good as it sounds) The M-8 was the kinetic part of the OICW. Im pretty sure the entire program is unofficially cancelled but wont ever see service. It seems the M-4 will probably just be improved as much as possible.
  24. it was a feature of all rainbow six games. Im not sure about lockdown because after 10 minutes of the demo i deemed the series to be 100% dead.
  25. doh. well isnt the Mk. 46 essentially a modified version of the SAW?
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