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  1. About the semi flipping...I believ that was real. It was in YouTube for awhile and rumors was going around in Chicago, ppl were actually camping at various buildings downtown to catch a glimpse.

    yeah it was real, you can even see the smoke from the nitrous tanks or whatever they use as its flipping over.

  2. id imagine that getting bases for 777 sized tankers wouldnt be too difficult. im pretty sure the US has enough bases and bases belonging ot friendly nations within close enough range to any potential warzone where it wouldnt be a problem. its not as if they would have to be based on the front lines either.

  3. they might have to use harriers or f-35s if they cant get a helo to match the speed.

    although after looking it up the max speed of the AH-1z is about 250mph and the cruise speed of the V22 is the same. that could work but itd probably inefficient as hell if hte AH-1s are goin at their max speed and hte v22 is just cruising along.

  4. this post might be a little off topic.

    after playing the whole graw SP again and playing the COD4 SP a few days ago i found myself feeling very disconnected with graw. there is enough of a story for you to feel immersed, but enough missing from it where its kind of just you running around a city with a bunch of borderline retarded teammates shooting mexicans and nothing else.

    i would have proferred no cinematic stylings since the game would have felt more like [GR] than an attempt at an interactive action movie. its too in between both spectrums, it just feels weird playing it. its still a fun game, but the SP just gives me a weird, unsatisfied feeling throughout.

  5. If they were handing out awards for best pic, I'd say Whistle won it. Looks like he's a real Soldier/Marine/Sailor/Airman with the helmet and Multicam. As I stated before I have all my gear for paintballing and hiking in the woods nearby. I don't have a helmet though. Just have a boonie, recon wrap, and patrol cap all in ACU. I have 3 pairs of boots. Desert boots from Ranger Joes, an extremely cheap pair of jungle boots from Soldier City(Work great though) and I'm waiting for my Merrell Sawtooth boots soon. But yeah I'd have to say Whistle won the contest for best pic. Nice gloves by the way. I have all black Mechanix gloves. Those look like Hatch.

    thank you, as a gear whore that means alot to me. and to make it worse ive been saving up money to buy the full combat uniform from MC Crye, as if all of that wasnt enough. the gloves are indeed Hatch Operators(bought them because the blackhawk version was in GRAW) after one year of pretty rough usage they are in good shape other than some loose threads and fading.

  6. Ive searched the forums and couldnt really find an answer. i am having some painful mouselag that makes it virtually impossible to aim at moving targets. I am getting about 25-40fps depending on maps and lowering my settings doesnt noticeably change anything. yes my drivers are all up to date.

    AMD64 X2 3800+

    2gb ram

    6800xt 256mb

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