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  1. There is a very nice Leopard (though I don't know which version) in SFOR 2010. SFOR 2010 SFOR 2010 v1.1 Patch
  2. IIRC, the only skins replaced by NMM are those of the Specialists.
  3. Do what Kamikazi said. It's a hit & miss process though so it might not work the first time you try it. If it doesn't work, try fiddling around with the placement of your actor and the arcs. If you still have no luck, move the actor back a few feet and add a path to the plan that'll walk him up to the stationary MG. hth
  4. AFAIK, Shadow tango's tend to appear on clients when: 1) "Innitially hidden" is checked; 2) Hidden actors spawn with a non-trigger plan. Problem is that by avoiding both those instances you still cannot guarentee that your mission will be free of ST's 100% of the time. The best you can do is crash proof it. Best way to do that IMHO is to create two ActorLoop's. One that makes all hidden actors invincible, and one that makes all shown actors vulnerable. Roughly: Group: MP Crash Prevent Enable Comment: Invincible On Trigger Event: An actor loop is ready to process Hidden Actor. Responses: Allow this block to be reactivated. Continue executing responses if (Hidden Actor is currently hidden). Make Hidden Actor invincible. Then everytime you "spawn" in a set of actors you run both Loops to make extra doubly super sure that nobody is going to crash the server. Remember to run your "Enable" loop at startup. That's how I'd do it anyway! hth The disable loop is exactly the same except you substitute IsShown and vulnerable where applicable...
  5. The guys have already mentioned: 1. Israel Defence Force v1.3 2. Navy SEALs v2.0 3. NMM v2.0 4. Earl's Standard Upgrade Add Projectiles "Sniper Armoury", and you're basically all set.
  6. Why is that holding up Trance? I thought it was a weapons only MOD like Yoda's benchmark setting original. Color me depressed
  7. Sure, but in the context of the work released to the community thus far, the quality of the representation is still, IMHO, sub par. By giving it an 8, there leaves very little room to reward those mappers who spend a tremendous amount of time doing exceptional, unflawed, texture work. I should point out that I'm not arguing with you. Your review is your opinion, and you're most certainly entitled. I'm just pointing out that my opinion differs and, like Fallow, I'd have rated the textures at no more than a 5.
  8. That's wierd. I think I know what you're talking about, but there's no reason why it should appear in standard GR missions. To see Ghost tango's manifest, open up IGOR and use an actor loop to send random members of the same team (assign them a path) to random bases. 9 out of 10 times you'll get a tango that phases in and out of view dependant on range. Visible, invisible, visible, invisible... He's bulletproof, but your AI will react to him. Make sure you've teamsuperman'd yourself, because he'll bloody well react to you too.
  9. .MIS is the extension for a GR mission. Copy any .MIS files into your GHOST RECON\MODS\ORIGMISS\MISSION\ folder. Launch the game, go to Quick Missions, and it should work from there. hth
  10. The trick I found was to use a solo operator. Managing your platoon while trying to keep up with the tanks is distracting, and you don't need a tremendous amount of firepower to get the job done. All you have to do is let the tanks take their sweet time clearing out the OPFOR. You only have to intervene on their behalf when it comes to the 5 AT specialists scattered about the place. 1x Presidential Garden 1x Presidential Square 1x University Square 2x North Park When you start, you'll be able to see the first AT specialist scampering for the garden (moving away from you). Drop him, and wait for your tanks to roll up and clear out the BMP + patrol. Pass through the garden into the Presidential Palace and drop the AT guy waiting for your tanks to rotate into the Presidential Square. Join up with your tanks and let them deal with the BMP's in University Square. Using the tanks for cover, cross the road and get yourself an angle on the AT operator on the left side of the road, at the end of the square. Once he's down, let your armour mop up. Once your tanks make the turn left into Presidential Square, you can leave them. They're clear through to the North Garden, and you can get a better angle by taking the alleyway and entering the Garden from the East (the tanks will eventually approach West). There's an AT operator North of the garden, and an AT operator South of the garden. Both in the garden sqaure. Kill them both, and go get yourself a beer. The tanks will take a while to wind their way through, but there's nothing else in the level that can kill them. hth
  11. Ooo, I dunno. I think that's being very, very, very generous. IMHO, the textures are what let the map down badly. With some geometry fixes, and a total rework of the textures, this map could be one of the greats.
  12. Ouch, all that effort! What you need to do buddy, is download TSAF's importer. It's a tiny utilitity that'll grab all your SOAF maps and port them into GR for you. Command maps and all. I can't seem to find a DL link but I'm sure someone else can help you out now that you know what you're looking for. hth
  13. That's the stuff Jack I'm guessing that Carn wants to split up his teams at insertion? Perhaps move Bravo and Charlie to alternate insertion zones? Once you've got the teams assigned, it's no big thing to run yet another loop to teleport the actors as required. But that's just a guess!
  14. Sure you can. The first thing you want to do is VarSetTeam the player controlled actor at startup to get Alpha. Then run an actor loop over the Player Platoon and VarSetTeam to Bravo the first actor who's not in Alpha. Use CompareThings. Finally, run an actor loop over the Player Platoon and VarSetTeam to Charlie the first actor who's not in Alpha or Bravo. hth
  15. I didn't say it did. It covers the Delta/DEVGRU executive protection aspect of the current Afghan Ops. I mentioned it purely FYI.
  16. From DTD Pro MOD Team: Afghanistan MOD
  17. I think the new concept is that Nightmare, or his clan buddies (?) are giving the briefings in the first person. But I could be wrong /me thinks it would be a "new concept" to write all the briefings in a little known Mongolian dialect. Surprise the **** out of them.
  18. I thought they did a hell of a job with the movie, but the book was still worlds better. Do yourself a favor and read it! You can't go wrong.
  19. Set it up as a gun with the rate of fire set to 0? That should at least get it to show up in game on the tango.
  20. When you crawl up the the edge of a crater or ditch and peak over, you're glitched. I can see you, but I can't kill you without explosives. You, on the other hand, can kill me with impunity. Now you know... Do it again, and you're a cheater.
  21. If you're going to knowingly glitch, you might as well go the whole hog and install a cheat package. You'd be no less of a cheater than the guy running around with ret lock. Behave like a gentleman, and say no to glitching. If the other team returns the favor, you get a decent game of GR. If it's all going to come down to who knows the most geometry glitches, then what's the point? In my experience, the guys who consistently get accused of glitching tend to be glitchers (ie. closet cheaters). Glitchers are even lamer than cheaters because at least the latter aren't deluding themselves... Don't glitch. Suck less instead.
  22. Ooooo, put that in the campaign! Looks wicked Bajabravo!
  23. I played it a couple of times. Lost interest after the nth time I saw someone strafing back and forth to dodge bullets while nade spamming with a 203. Hated the fact that it has a jump button, and the fact that everyone jumps up and down like frickin' bunny's the moment you open fire. Hated that many of the missions turn into straight nade tossing fests that are over in less than a minute. Hated that there are so few weapons, and that you don't get to pick the weapon you'd prefer. Instead you've got to go through some kind of lottery that invariably leaves the biggest plonker holding the 203. Didn't much enjoy the MOHAA moments where two people will empty their rifles at point blank range, and then start tossing nades at each other while running around. Other than that, it's great...
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