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  1. Well, my current pc is garbage, and I knew I had to upgrade for this game. I just want to say that I was able to get into the game and at least move around. Heard some great sounds as well. With that having been said, I cant wait till I am done building my pc. I believe the game will be fantastic, also, everything I have heard from those that matter, and that have pc's that can play it, that they indeed like it. I play mainly mp adv, and am looking forward to the add on tvt and such. Anyways, I have noticed a few people w/ negative responses, I am sure it is due in most part to their pc's not being able to handle it. Also, I am taking note on most of their names, so that I am able to find them playing ingame, at which point I will ask them why they are there, and then point and laugh at them. Thanks for stopping by while you are on vacation, drink a sol on me, and happy cinco de mayo if you all are there for that.
  2. First off I just wanna say I cant wait to get the game, everything I have seen and read looks great. Grin, it looks like everything you have been doing looks top notch. I just recently got to see a hd version of the pc trailer and I have one question/problem with it. I dont get the whole slide feature I was seeing in the video. In the video right around .43 to .45 it looked like the icecapades. Ghosts were sliding all over the pavement like they were walking on ice. I saw a feet first slide and during the slide the ability to shoot w/o any problems. I saw a person take about two steps and dive and slide as if he were on a slip and slide. I figured when I heard slide, that one would be able to dive for cover, with no ability whatsoever to shoot while doing so. If we are not able to aim while running, how are we able to dive and aim? If I am way off here please let me know. I guess, are we able to dive and slide on our knees, feet first, and bellies, and able to aim and shoot w/o problems? *edit* I fear that people will frown upon these features and categorize it with bunny hops and dolphin dives.
  3. related to Jar Jar Binks are we? ←
  4. It's while reloading not gangsta style ← LoL gangsta style, I believe he is leaning.... *edit*vahh your right, he is reloading
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