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  1. Agreed. The MP version is the most important selling point to me and I buy games almost exclusively for the multiplayer aspect. To me, it doesn't matter how great the SP camplain is (graphics, length, story line, etc, etc), I'm only going to play it until I beat it. Sometimes I don't even ever care to finish SP. I almost always jump right into online multiplayer. Especially since my friends list is full of great gamers and I can hook up with them in MP for a much better gaming experience.
  2. I can't believe you didn't comment on (agree with) this comment Ick!!! You've perfected the art of shooting from the hip (while in a dead run) with your M107 sniper rifle. The devs need to take a much closer look at the success of running and gunning with sniper rifles. I can't agree more on what someone said about playing with the right people. Our community is all about tactics and slowing down the pace. The simplest thing to do, in order to avoid R&G, is to not play sharpshooter and only play no-respawn game types (maybe even limited respawns).
  3. There still doesn't seem to be much of a point with this clan feature. The "closed" match feature did a nice job accomodating the coordination of matches for teams registered on gamebattles, but there just doesn't seem to be too many teams playing open matches. We had three rooms open last night, each originally set up for blind seige matches. After about 25 minutes we shut it down.....not a single taker. We even changed the game type to sharpshooter to see if any team would come in the room, but still nothing. Every minute or two a sole guy would jump into the room, mutter something about gamebattles and then exit. It actually became quite amusing to see how hong the next guy would stay in the room. Without some sort of leaderboard or win-loss record, there's not much of a point with this clan feature. With it being set up the way it is now, teams are basically scrimmaging each other for bragging rights. If they put something in place to account for a teams success, then I agree, we'll see many teams cheating just to get their name on top of the leaderboard. But at least we'd be able to find a decent match here and there. Is everyone else having just as difficult of a time finding an open match?
  4. For the next one perhaps you should post here. Looks like plenty of die hard GRAW players here as well.
  5. I did a little write up on our home site in case anyone is interested in reading a totally bias play by play. Just follow this link. 2Old2Kwit
  6. Sorry Clopticon, I was counting
  7. Great games to both teams. I had a lot of fun. Although I would have preferred a different outcome (especially since it was my birthday). RSE team, Thank you very much for the opportunity to play you guys. Perhaps someday we'll have another shot at a rematch. I would love another opportunity to look for Braybot and Serellan through my scope. Seems like you all covered the details pretty thoroughly. I was very optimistic after our dominate showing in LMS. But that was quickly crushed after you guys stomped on our attacking team in Seige. At that point, I was simply hoping to push the draw. And on a side note, I'm still so darn mad at myself for allowing Serellan to pick me off while he rushed me from out in the open. Great shot by the way. But why the heck didn't I just lob a grenade over the balcony?!?! Anyhow you guys also proved tough on the 3-zone siege in fishing village. I was pretty darn frustrated after gettting shot time after time trying to get to base A. Seemed as though the difference was your team's ability to find good defensive positions uphill from us. Thanks again GR.net and RSE! It was an honor and pleasure.
  8. 2Old2Kwit is a clan and community for fellow older gamers who are avid GR players. Check us out if you're looking for a clan to play with, against, or just a bunch of cool (older) guys to game with. Immature kiddies need not apply.
  9. Pabes is locked and loaded. GT= Pabes
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