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  1. I would like to thank ZJJ for the tremendous experience of being able to meet these top notch folks in person. The guys and Angeline at RSE truly are top notch. In what I kind of expected may turn out be a brief meet and greet with Serellan and then us handed off to some lowly tour guide, before hand, could not have been further from the actual visit. Serellan and Angeline basically dedicated the larger part of their day to giving us an extraordinary visit. Thanks to all the folks that took some time out of their day for us. Now on to my first impressions of the game as I know that what
  2. Thanks again for a great match to all those involved from RSE, GR.net, and 2old2kwit.com. You guys have put out a wonderful addition to the Clancy Ghost Recon series and the multiplayer is top notch by any standards. We along with the rest of the GR fan base look forward to more great things to come from RSE. I most say you have your work cut out for you to top GRAW. Thanks for all the hard work and dedication. Please feel free to stop by 2old2kwit.com anytime. -BSAT
  3. Agreed on the comm issue. Should not be a NAT issue. I originally thought that was the fix then after a couple hours figuring out what needed to be set or changed I still had problems.
  4. Add one more 2old2kwit brother to the line-up. GT: BSATNCSU
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