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  1. Ya - Braybot - Sorry I missed it until after you already lost. Looks like you all had fun though. Congrats, Team.
  2. Good Luck to you Guys! Make us proud!
  3. I wanted to post here to tell you guys that "complete satifaction" is on the only thing I can say but I would like to describe a scene from the first night my clan and I played that may tell how I'm feeling a little more in detail. We were on a co-op mission in Temple and there were I think 14 of us in the room. We had finished our objectives and were ordered to the LZ to get picked up. We got there and while we were waiting, a large number of Opfor were approaching our area from the south. Well, in that map the LZ is actually a sunken sacrificial Mayan or Aztec Alter. We all saw the Opfor comming and imagine 14 guys all gathered around a large ornately carved cermonial stone block emptying all they had into the jungle. My Sniper actually got up on the alter and layed prone on top of the alter itself and those of us with surround sound were just in awe of all the firepower leaving that LZ. It reminded me of watching the scene in "Predator" for the first time where the team flattened out an area of the jungle when Preadator killed a team member. That is what our first night in GRAW felt like. At that moment, I said to myself, "This is why I play online!" Thank You, Ubi for giving me that experience. I look forward to many more of them.
  4. Frankly, I can't wait - esp after watching the latest Dev video and Oh! Oh! Shotguns, The only weapon I could kill with in Galo!
  5. I'm up for this! I'm attempting to get one as I write.
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